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SafeRacks - Your Choice
Price: $139.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Jun 03 to Monday, Jun 08) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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How do you refurbish a metal rack?

This rack is SUPER, it really opens up the garage and keeps it look like a garage and not a storage space…Highly recommend!

These are on sale at $150/each new from Costco on a regular basis. I have 4 of them, they are excellent. The drop height is adjustable so make sure you get the right size.

But you have to be a Costco member to get such price. I bought 2 of these previously from woot, new. Unless they are scratched to heck and back this is a sweet deal.

I bought three of these from the safe racks website as refurbished. I found nothing wrong with them but very minor blemishes.

I paid $99.00 with free shipping at safe

Highly recommended as they are built very well and solved my storage problems in the garage and attic.

I love Woot, but this is just disappointing. You can buy this exact rack, in the same “factory seconds” condition from the SafeRacks website for $129.99 with free shipping.

I bought two of these factory seconds racks within the last couple months when they were priced at $99.99 each from their website. Even at $129.99 it is a great deal. There is no reason to purchase it through Woot, however.

I noticed that too. Just bought one direct from the manufacturer. It was going to be $155 through woot including shipping and tax. Instead I paid $139.80 including tax and free shipping. If I have any issues I’ll have the benefit of working directly with the mfg. Even though it says all sales are final I can only hope they will support a customer who bought direct.

I can’t find the refurb deal with free shipping directly on SafeRack’s site but, if you are interested, you might try this link and see if its still active.

Also, HD has competitive products at $129 with f.s.

Those don’t look like they could hold my safe…

Now why are these more expensive on woot!?

The previously mentioned competitive product available at HD is also available at Sam’s for a few dollars cheaper, figuring shipping.