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SafeRacks - Your Choice
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4.6 Stars over at The Home Depot

Picked two of these up from Costco a few months ago. Instillation was a bit tricky. I found the best way to get the lower tray on the hanging bars was to install the bottom portion of the bars while the unit was still on the ground. With some help at this point attaching the side bars was much easier. The instructions weren’t the best but I still managed to get them up with a little help. The bottom of the shelf holds wire sections. These have a tendency to get moved around if you access the shelf often, but so far this isn’t a major problem for us. Cheaper than the storage unit we had and it makes our garage look cleaner and more organized. Worth the money but I still got a better deal.

Oh one more thing. Think about your lighting when getting these. The light from our fixture is now partially blocked by the filled storage shelf.

I also got one from Costco and am very happy with it. Took me two days to install it, by myself, but that included having to move a Lot of stuff…Twice! (Because of the joists, it could not go where I wanted to put it, but would go right where I had moved everything!)
To keep the grids from shifting, try cable ties or hose clamps.
I convinced my cousin to get one, and we mounted a light underneath his, to help with the shadow it created from the overhead lights.

Pfft. I could build a shelf like this out of 2x4s and a sheet of OSB for under $50.