Sagino Orthopedic Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Sagino Orthopedic Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

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I really want to like this pilllow, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out a decent/comfortable position

Maybe someone has had better luck or some tips for use

I ordered this pillow for my wife who has been suffering from neck pain in the morning. After sleeping on this pillow for a week her neck pain was WORSE. She tried all different positions and just could not get comfortable. I took it from her and tried it and after about 4 hrs. threw in on the floor. The pillow looks good and seems to be well made but VERY uncomfortable and painful to sleep with.

I bought this pillow a couple months ago and I’m in a similar boat. I’m forcing myself to use it and some nights it’s not bad but some nights are really rough. I have generally noticed less morning neck pain but getting to and staying asleep seems to be more difficult.

  • This pillow is very firm. Squishy, like a marshmallow but a lot stiffer than a regular fiberfil pillow. You definitely can’t bend it in half and still use it.
  • Some positions require the pillow turned 180° so the cervical ramp/tongue thing is pointing away from you. This is best for sleeping on one’s side as it gives a much higher head support to account for the distance between the bed surface and the width of the shoulder.
  • With a regular pillow and sleeping on my side I had gotten very used to placing my slept-on arm raised-up under the pillow (sorry for the confusing description, it’s a weird position) which doesn’t work as well with the Sagino pillow since it’s so stiff. I haven’t figured out a better position for my arm when side sleeping.
  • I toss through the night which wears the very delicate pillow case quite a lot. I’m going to try putting a regular pillow case over the Sagino one and see if that reduces the pilling.
  • The very delicate pillow case looked brand new when first out of the box and then went into the wash (delicate cycle according to directions) due to the chemical smell from being packed with the memory foam. It came out of the laundry that very first time looking like I’d been using it for years.
  • There’s not a lot of “how to use this pillow” on Sagino’s website. I haven’t looked for any videos though. The guy in the 3rd pic in the Woot listing has it completely upside-down and I haven’t tried that way yet.

I bought a few neck pillows a couple years ago on a black friday deal, that were ok for a while and now they are mashed down. Not impressed!
I wanted this one and missed out the last time it was up for sale. Grabbing it this time. I am a side and back sleeper and have massive neck issues.
Here’s to better sleep! Pretty sure it won’t really make me refreshed and ready to tackle my day, but if it does, I’ll buy you all a beer!! :wink: :rofl:

Side note from someone with back/neck issues. Have any of you ever considered a buckwheat hull pillow? I got my first about 20 yrs ago. You can take out/add hulls as needed. It supports your head anyway you sleep (he’s a stomach sleeper, I’m a side or back sleeper, we both use them).

I bought it, just got it and its terrible. It is NOT firm. It is very soft, no support.

While it is a nice looking and feeling pillow, it has zero neck support. I sleep on my left side, and deal with cervical stenosis (really bad) and I need support. This has zero.

I reached out to Woot! and did get a refund.

Gonna try the Pillow Cube.

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