SainSmart Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit

SainSmart Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit

A video from the adorablest lady in tech showing the assembly on this and a test run


Holy cow, that’s exactly what I wear in my shop, too. What are the odds…props to her, she makes it look good. Me on the other hand, not so much…more lumpy weirdo than hot.
Anyway, I pulled the trigger on this thing. Two bones is good for a baby CNC. Even if I wind up using it to cut out hardboard templates for a proper router I’m not going to be disappointed.
There were more reviews on Amazon than linked here.

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I have this unit. It’s fun, albeit useless. It works great, I just have not found a good application for it.

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I am a total newbie to 3D printing and CNC. Having not been paying attention, I am somewhat stunned that I can spend $200 to buy a machine to carve a block of aluminum up to 7x11x1.75"!

Why is it useless? That part is not clear to me.

What kind of software would I be looking at to drive this machine on different platforms? I could support Linux, Windows, or Mac.

@Fardinando The controller software is GRBL. It is open-source and runs on Linux or Windows. No MAac support yet.

Are any of these machines able to print something useful? Not being snarky. I just seem to recall a story I saw on TV several years ago about a store in Canada that would let you bring in your broken blender knob, dryer knob, etc., they would scan it and print you a new one. So you didn’t have to toss the whole blender (or break out the vice grips). Is that type of software available for these things? Or am I just going to make a bunch of Hodor door stops for my friends?

The router kit does not print, it sort of carves a block into something. If you seriously want some item scanned and printed I suggest you make some friends at your local “Makers Space”. It is a bit cheaper than on their web site, but at their website you can buy it as a package with an engraving laser at a discount.

In general 3D printers and all cheap tools are very slow, like days even for small things. If you want a router to cut metal, you probably will need extremely expensive cutting tools. Cutting Al could result in Al dust that should not be breathed and is possible explosive. On the other hand, I actually want one even though I have no use. But again please support your local Maker’s Space or start one. Starting and running a maker’s space is a better career move than nerding out in one.

Thanks geo8rge, I do know the difference between a router and a printer. I was just being lazy and talking about the 3 machines they had on sale that day as a group. :slight_smile: But yes, I get that it was a confusing comment. I was actually talking about printing in the question about the knobs, and then I ended on a router joke with the Hodor door stop. My bad.
But I did actually mean a printer. Whatever store it was in the story I watched, they were printing.
So I was just curious if I bought an actual printer, could I get patterns for major appliance parts. Or get them scanned somewhere, etc.
I will check out the Maker’s Space though. Do you have their site? I found a few things, but I just wanted to see if it was the same place you had in mind.

Why is it useless? That part is not clear to me.

Useless to me, as I have not found a practical use for it.

I will check out the Maker’s Space though. Do you have their site?

“Maker Space” is a generic term, like “hardware store” or “coffee shop”.

Hi…while waiting on the unit to arrive I did some research and found that there are several different versions on the market labeled CNC xxxx. The xxxx represent the build volume in the x and y. So the one I was sent has a 300x180mm build volume. The 3018 is called upgraded because the new mounting for the X and Y rods and lead screws.

pcb assembly