SainSmart Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit

SainSmart Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit

Same one on Ebay, new, for $169.98.

Sometimes there can be USB connection issues with small units like these. The friction of the grind can build up static and cause the USB to lose connection; it can be resolved with a little bit of soldering.

Same one on Banggood, ships from USA (not China), $154, including shipping.

From this writeup it’s unclear whether it includes the standalone controller. (shown in the photo on the Sainsmart website but not here).

Hi there. Great question. It does include the Offline Controller. We’ve updated the sale to reflect this.

How come your join date shows an '05 date? @ThunderThighs has repeatedly told me that the join dates can’t be prior the time these new forums were created and has given the reason being they are guarding our privacy.

This is quite a mystery.

Please stop posting this. I never said they can’t be before the forums were created. All users were ported over when we were in test for the forums. Some users that logged in early show the correct dates. Others that logged in later do not. It’s not an easy fix because it requires pulling all the dates for customers and giving that data to Discourse (forums). And it will always be off because someone can create an account tomorrow but not log into the forums right away.

Just a heads up, this requires a windows PC. I think the ads usually say it but it should be larger. Also, said computer needs a standard CD-rom drive. Ours came with a mini-cd-rom so having a slide in disc drive or a mac or surface pc means you couldn’t use it. They need to post the drivers on their site or send it in a usb or something.

Thanks for the clarification - any chance you also have a deal on their 5w Laser, and the Lightburn software? (Sainsmart offers these as a package)???

No, sorry but I’ll pass on the request to the buyers as something for the future.