SainSmart Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router

SainSmart Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router

So… Is the reason these haven’t been sold after months of attempts are that they’re garbage or does it require a technical-minded individual to surpass the model’s shortcomings?

HAHA! Or we’re selling new inventory each time.


Dang… that’s tough to argue.

Totally would get one but pushing my luck with apartment living and power tools.

Seems decent enough for the amount of buy in.

Totes could make an etsy store with it.

Got one of these last time they were offered. The machine arrives in pieces, the instructions are pictoral in nature, but everything fit together after I had to reassemble parts because I put them on backwards.

The sample projects worked well. My own project, not so much. You need to download other software, import your image, import it in other software, export to Gcode, import in the included Candle(grbl) and hope you got the origin points right and all paths were exported. I still haven’t gotten it right. If you get this, I wish you luck.

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These little things are great for what they are. You’d be hard pressed to even get the pieces in a qty:1 for the price.

Make sure you put them together squarely, use locktite on the grub screws, and there isn’t much to go wrong. Do understand that there is a CNC workflow that you will need to understand and follow to get the most out of it. CNC isn’t magic. It won’t make you creative if you aren’t already. It’s just another tool. One that you need to learn about and understand to get the most out of it. Understand it’s limitations. Manage your expectations appropriately and I think you’ll find them a pretty good deal.

I just bought another 2 on here last week and for whatever reason, they were 10$ cheaper.