SainSmart Mini Smart Soldering Iron Tool Set

SainSmart Mini Smart Soldering Iron Tool Set

This is just a TS100 soldering iron, the same product is sold on amazon right now for LESS than it is here.

[MOD: Nope. See below.]

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Looks like the Amazon link only has a single tip instead of two, which is probably worth at least the price differential, and one looks to be pencil, the other chisel tip.

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My guess is the C in BC2 stands for chisel.

In the box:

1 x Pro 32 Digital LCD Soldering Iron
1 x PR-B2
1 x PR-BC2 Solder Tip
1 x Allen Key
1 x 19V/2.1A 100-240V Power Supply (AC/DC adaptor)

From Amazon:

Package Including

1 * Soldering iron control terminal
n1 * Soldering iron tipÂ
n1 * Hexagon device
n1 * English manual


The SainSmart set includes 2 solder tips and an external power supply.

I have one of these, great little soldering iron. Got it years ago from AliExpress. Heats up fast, easy to hold, great for quick little jobs. Can even be used from a USB battery pack if you have to.

Suggested add-on for any of these micro-soldering irons; get a usb battery pack adapter for your battery-powered tool brand of choice, and you can take this almost anywhere. SUPER fantastic for getting into tight spots (I use mine for rewiring jobs on my Jeeps). AND you can charge your phone from it too if needed.

This is the example for a dewalt setup:

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I have that exact battery adapter and this (TS100) iron and it works great.
The whole setup is pretty amazing, TBH, compared to portable soldering from a few years ago (butane, ugh).