SainSmart Soldering Iron or Rechargeable Screwdriver

SainSmart Soldering Iron or Rechargeable Screwdriver

For decades I swore I’d never go back to a corded soldering iron after using a butane iron.
This soldering iron changed my mind. I have one and I love it. The temperature is rock-solid stable and it’s amazing how much of a difference that makes.
The fact that it’s open-source (hardware and software) and has custom firmware upgrades is really cool too.

I’ve yet to build a portable power-pack for it - still kicking myself for not buying a up some Kobalt 24V battery packs when they were on sale 2 Black-Friday’s ago - they would’ve been perfect.

Also, you can get lots of different tips for them, and they’re pretty cheap.


Where art thou picture show for screwdriver

At least this listing doesn’t have stock photos of models holding the business end of the iron like a pencil. :joy:


You must mean this-

Safety glasses, important tip for safe soldering.


Maybe if the screwdriver was $20 and the soldering iron was $20 - like the cost to make the soldering iron - a thousand companies make the same thing with the open source board - and there’s always something that messes up - I still have the pen version - but the display is jumbled like a broken digital clock and it just never worked right - So buyer beware! BUT not all is lost with that tech! I ordered this on Amazon March 26, 2019 and I use it almost every single day. I’ve not had a single issue with it. The same open source hardware and programming as the all in one pen version. Now the pen version is portable - but so is this when an inverter I can hook up to my car battery. And I paid $56.00 (it’s now like $65 or something) - the pen version I paid like $90 for a couple of years ago. The screwdriver looks fun and interesting but the gears - even in the newer version, the ES121 (This one is the ES120) the gears both are terrible - If you lock-tite anything - you’ll strip the teeth off the gears. (the updated ES120 should have the same gears as the ES121) - But to each their own! Just giving my opinion - hopefully it helps! Oh and the soldering iron is not wireless. - Issue with the pen version of the soldering iron - it gets too hot and the board is Right THERE. The one I have linked - everything electronic is in the box - you need a cord connected to the soldering iron reguardless. May as well go the better route IMO.

Soldering Iron station Kit,including Digital portable Soldering station Temperature Controller 72W With 2 pcs t12 Tips,1 pcs Solder Wire.

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I do not have any first hand experience with this model of Soldering Iron. But what i can tell you is this is a re-branding of the TS100 Soldering Iron. I’ve read good reviews about it but dont know if the price is a great deal or not.


Bought this exact model soldering iron from the mothership a little over a year ago. It has worked very well for me and I am very happy with it. It is especially great for working on the car. It get plenty hot enough for medium sized jobs and combined with a battery pack it is almost as portable as my old butane powered model. Only gripe here it the price. When I bought mine it was one sale for $54 on the mothership. And you can get cheaper versions of the exact same thing elsewhere online. This is a normal price for a good item, not a great deal.


For you geeks out there, keep in mind that there’s also the RISC-V powered Pinecil from Pine64 for $24 - Elementor #3029 | PINE64

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Press over the sensor in reversal direction(clockwise) to screw down, on the contary direction to screw up

I really don’t need instructions on the latter


Soldering iron is good. Purchased one about a month ago from woot and have a few TS100 and T12 tipped irons over the years. They are great.

The screw driver sounds interesting, but even at the woot price it doesn’t seem worth it. I will just stick to my cheap wowstick.

Like I need instructions how to screw up…