SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer

SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer


Only a soso deal… gearbest has these for $10 less (you do have to pay $17 to ship though). But is not woot a deal site?

This is however a decent printer for the price. Great entry level machine to decide if you like the hobby. I have a Prusa MK2, MK3, and a Creality CR-10s… The CR-10s is a great printer for the price also.

Can’t go wrong with this printer. If you do not like it, or 3d printing for that matter… You are not out nearly as much as you could be with other printers.

I have absolutely zero need for this, but DAMN I want one.

I just need justification!

So my 9yo is really into computers and building stuff. He’s into Legos and Minecraft and has been dabbling in programming. I’m getting him a Canna RaspberryPi thing from the other day’s Woot (I have one running PiHole here at my house and he got excited thinking of other things he could do with it).

How much could we/he use the RaspberryPi to work with this? Ideally I’d like him to be able to build his own models and print them out.

Is this feasible?

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Install OctoPrint on the pi and use that as an interface between your computer (wirelessly if you add a wifi dongle to the pi) and the printer. Check it out here - - I use it all the time and it is the best thing to happen to 3d printing.


Damn like it! 4.4 rating can means manything :family_woman_woman_girl_boy::family_woman_woman_girl_boy:

A few years ago, I bought a 200mm x 200mm Prusa i3 for 2.5 times as much. This is 10% larger, and if I could justify another 3D printer, I’d snap this up in a hurry.

I have a CR-10 already but this is kind of temping at that price. I posted it to one of my CR-10 Facebook groups as I imagine others have in others, so I expect the supply will drop pretty fast though!

Remember to add another twenty bucks or more for filament, depending on what you want.

Depending on your money situation this is a “'I’m new to 3D printing and and even if I hate the process and I want to throw it out I won’t feel bad” printer. And it’s really good. For the price this is really the best you can do.

On the other hand, unless you’re going to get into 3D modeling, there’s really no point in having one other than the “cool” factor. 3D printing takes forever and it smells up the whole place (PLA, I’m looking at you!) and basically its not very useful or terrible practical. If all you plan on doing is downloading files from thinguniverse and printing them, you’ll do better to upload the file to one of the many, many website that will custom print stuff for you and send it out.

(I mostly feel the same way about photo printers, actually.)

What I’m really saying is that 3D printing is not the “actual thing” but is instead the end product from 3D design. If you’re just a “consumer” it’s not going to get a lot of use. Become an amateur 3D modeler and then you’ll have no excuse not to buy a printer.

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interesting post. I want one of these but I’ve never seen anything actually useful to a homeowner come out of one.
In my office there’s a guy who prints out custom parts for AUV’s. so if they need a bracket to hold a sensor he prints out a prototype and they test before machining out of metal. In his spare time he prints out items from a peer to peer website like you mentioned(and none of those items are anything but trinkets).
I’m old enough to remember the machines outside the museum that would mold you a toy dinosaur for $1. all a 3d printer is to me. trying desperately to justify even a $200 one.

I have a XYZ printer. Best there is for a little better than entry level. Unless you have a specific use it’s not worth it. I make parts for customer window and screen corners repairs.
We need to hear from those already have this unit.
And is the company still in business?

Although I have a small 3-D printer, it has come in handy to make some useful items. I have used it to make several “lost” battery compartment covers for kids toys, (made my grand kids happy), broken brackets for adjustable kitchen shelf dividers (made my wife happy), replacement parts for some power tools, custom cookie cutters (for my wife,again), small jigs and fixtures for woodworking. I would buy this printer but I already have too much invested in a Kickstarter project that I have been waiting 2 years for. : (
If you have the time to invest in learning to use a good software design package, you will be able to come up with a lot of useful things to make with a decent 3-D.

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This could be an entry point for your 9yo to learn CAD or other modeling software like Blender or Sculptris. It’s encouraging to model something and then actually produce it!
There are some pretty capable free CAD programs available.
(S)He could build both “fun” models - toys, figurines, etc. or useful stuff like customized pen holders, keychains with initials, etc and eventually get into serious mechanical modeling if that’s his/her bent.

Me too - RepRap Prusa i3. And the SD card reader and screen was additional. Had to build a spool holder myself. I can only dream about getting my heated bed up to 100C in 5 minutes; I don’t think it would ever make it to 110. And look at those giant wheels for bed leveling! I fight with tiny thumbscrews.

I recently bought my first 3D printer, a Monoprice MP Mini Delta. I consider it the perfect beginner 3D printer as it works right out of the box and can be purchased for less than this one. I waited for a 15% off e-bay promotion and bought the bundle (printer plus 2kg white PLA and 2kg black PLA) for $170 and free shipping direct from Monoprice. While the print area of the MP Mini Delta is small (4.3" dia. x 4.7" tall), the bed is self-leveling and it just works well. I use Slic3r PE and print from the µSD card.

I find the Ender-3 tempting due to the large print size, but I am going to pass because I don’t need another project that by the time I modify it to do its job well, I will have spent enough to by a better larger format printer. I was not impressed with the variation in print quality in the review photos. It really looks like hit or miss with this kit.

As the price of these entry level models have gone down I’ve considered getting a 3D printer, but articles like this one from Engadget have scared me off:

Something like this one for sale today is completely exposed and won’t protect from any fumes or particles at all. Regardless of potential health risks or not, I have moderate asthma and introducing new sources of indoor pollution is not a good idea for me.

I have to disagree with this. We have three printers and print pretty exclusively with PLA and have never had a smell issue. ABS is rather smelly, and our resin based printer is likely going in the trash because the smell gives me massive headaches. But PLA is where it’s at, no stink when we use it. /shrug

Yeah, ABS is nasty. Go with PLA and you’ll be better off. I don’t know how any of it affects asthma, but I would avoid ABS like the plague for sure.

Be careful. This is not a Creality product. This is the Sainsmart clone of the Ender3. I would recommend buying the original for the same price.

“3. Print a full copy of yourself so you can stay home and play with your cat.”

I think I saw that movie: Multiplicity

I agree w/ RebelTaz, my 12yo is just starting to learn so I had him build a PI, then setup a minecrap server. Then I bought a Ciclops 3D scanner kit and he and I built that and hes been practicing with that (scanning, slicing, creating…) Last weekend I had him assemble and setup an OCTO Print box for a RASPI. Including the screen and everything else this makes working with a 3d printer MUCH easier. Now for Christmas he gets his own (small) 3d Printer to learn with. I told him befire he gets a printer he MUST create a goal for himself. So he wants to make a 7" action figures of all his friends and hand them out at his B-day party…so he manipulating those in the drawing programs now…