SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer

It comes with a ridiculous sample of white filament… not even enough to print the on-board file. Some people have managed to print the whole thing, but most people end up with half a dog.

So yeah, buy some filament on Amazon. Hatchbox is best.

I second the recommendation for hatchbox filament. It melts at a decent temp and flows nicely. for a person new to 3d printing flow issues with crappy filament can be frustrating.

The sample filament thing is so funny it’s almost a meme. The monoprice select mini comes with just enough sample filament to print half of the lucky cat model that comes on the sd card. It’s a right of passage to print the half-cat and post a pic of it.

Actually, you can, at least the plastic parts. The concept is called “RepRap”, you print the plastic parts, add common off-the-shelf hardware, the control electrics and electronics, and the “hot end”.

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I got mine today and it was a very easy build and an extremely sturdy machine. It was a better experience than building my tevo. I was excited and ready to print after leveling and happy with my purchase… I tried to load the filament and the extruder didn’t work. After testing I found the wiring and motor was good and narrowed it down to the main board. I really don’t want to return this and miss out on the deal, I guess I’ll have to see what customer service says in the morning. This is my 8th 3D printer and with out even printing anything yet I am impressed with how solid it is so far.

Wow, @jonnb42, your EIGHTH 3D printer? Do you have a business making stuff or just a hobbyist with a problem {grin}?

Srsly, tho - what drove you to buy this one with all of the others you have?

Just a hobby and 5 kids. I got this one for size, reputation, and price. Each one of my printers does something a little different than the other if I had to pick a favorite they would take me a lot of time pondering which one it is. On a different note I fixed my problem. It turns out is that the nozzle Hass to be at 150 Celsius for the motor to work. Out of all my printers this is the only one I’ve ran into that “safety feature”. Normally I probably wouldn’t have even noticed except I was testing everything before I did a live run and I was just loading filament so I didn’t need heat

I’m going to build my today or tomorrow. Bad news… Amazon reported delays in my shipment of filament, so I won’t be printing anything until it arrives (still TBD). :frowning:

Of all 8 that you have, would you say this one is one of the better ones? Or have you not tested it enough yet?

I will have to say that I am really impressed with the Ender 3. I have had it up and running for two days now and the prints are coming out almost perfect without tweaking it. I did print some parts for the Ender 3 on my monoprice select v2 mini before the Ender even arrived but have no need to put them on yet. Today I bought glass for the bed and it is working perfect. Each one really has its own purpose. The MP select is for quick small parts, the adventurer 3 is good all around printer and I have a dual extruder flashforge. Those are on top of my list. This printer is doing as good or even better in some things and it was WAY less money. This early in ownership it is hard to say if it is my favorite but it is dam close so far. Let’s just say if I see another one at this price I might get 2. (One would be a gift) the only thing I really want that I don’t have it to print @ 300mm + oh I do have a SLA printer and the resolution on it is incredible but that’s a whole different style of printing. The first pict is the Ender 3 I just got printing a belt. The second is the test dog that came with the Ender with a filament change. And the last is my flashforge printing covers for the v slots on the Ender for cosmetics .


How much did it sell for this time? I didn’t see the post in time.

$159 + tax.
My dog is printing as we speak. :dog:



90-odd minutes to assemble, already bought at spool of filament from Bezozmart (grin), so I wouldn’t get the half-printed starter item.

Amazing print quality.

Amazon has a return policy for warped printer beds. Do we have similar options here, or would we need to return the whole thing?

We don’t have that specifically called out but SainSmart is very good to work with. If there’s an issue like that, you can contact them directly. If you have issues, you can always contact Woot customer service.

Has anyone had issues with the control knob randomly getting pressed while the nozzle is heating up? It is only happening when the nozzle is heating up but seems like a defect of some kind. I’ve emailed sainsmart for help but haven’t heard back. I don’t think creality is going to support me since I didn’t buy the printer from them.


SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer - $159.99 - Free shipping for Prime members


How do I tip you?!?! Thank you so much!

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You can print little replicas of me so that I can finally have a worthy army to conquer the world!

That or just enjoy your printer.

Woothoo!!! Now I’m on my 9th printer. I’m glad they brought back the deal again today I’m going to give this to my kids for S.T.E.M projects. I guess this answers the earlier question on how this printer compares. If I had enough I would have got two today.

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