SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer

SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer

It’s back! Should be a popular deal as usual.


Anyone get it before? How is it? Is the board soldered well?

3D is only 200% better than 1D.

Soldered well? You mean is there any problem with the bed heating elements loosing power? I’ve never had a problem (own a Ender 3 pro) and I’ve never heard anyone mention such an issue with either model.

While the “savings” is quoted as being down from $299 list price, this is still a solid $60 savings over the Amazon current selling price. I have been waiting for this to reappear on Woot! and today’s my day! Order placed, thank you Woot!

For those on the fence about getting into 3D printing - just do it. I bought my Monoprice Select Mini V2 on an open-box sale about 4 months ago and have had a blast with it, printing hundreds of items. The reasons I am upgrading to the Ender 3:

  • Larger print capability (8.7" x 8.7" x 9.8" vs 4.7" x 4.7" x 4.7"
  • Faster printing capabilities
  • Top-mounted filament spool holder (saves desk space)
  • Greater range of temps means it will print with a wider variety of materials
  • Self-leveling bed (well, semi-automated, still requires manually turning knobs)
  • Loads of modification options

@Jonas, I believe the last one was a Ender 3 Pro, this is not the Pro although I’m not certain what the difference is.

I found the difference. I got the Ender 3 pro a few weeks ago and loving it!

Ender 3 Pro has been redesigned with a more sturdy, 40×40 aluminum extrusion for the Y-axis base. … Another aspect that makes the Ender 3 Pro superior is the upgraded Meanwell Power Supply Unit (PSU), which is thinner, quieter, and all-around better than the version featured on the original Ender 3 .


@msalkin, yeah I looked at the Ender 3 Pro and the Ender 3X and decided (for me) it wasn’t worth the difference in price. It may be to some people, glad you are happy with yours! I especially do not want the magnetic print bed that comes with the Pro - heat is an anathema to magnets and I do not care for flexible print beds. I will be adding a glass bed to my Ender 3 (I’ll likely receive the glass bed from Amazon before I get the Ender 3 from Woot!).

Here is a comparison of the 3 models that I found useful in my decision-making.

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bought in a previous woot, fun toy, nothing else.

Set up is entertaining…look on youtube for assembly videos that are extremely helpful. I probably assembled in about an hour with the tools provided.

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We bought one of these a couple months ago when it was on Woot. My 14yo has been printing stuff like crazy and the printer has been very reliable. We have run several reels of Inland PLA+ through it with almost no issue. We did change the nozzle out once instead of trying to clean it as the parts for these things are extremely cheap and it just was easier / faster. I am thinking about buying another one just to use for myself.

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This, sooooooooooo much this.

Basically ignore everything that came inside the box and follow these and ONLY these instructions, you’ll end up with a SPECTACULAR 3D printing system.


do this one came with the M10 upgraded extruded like the pro and the x?, pics mention the mk10

I bought one of these here a couple months back and it’s been great. I mostly use it to print parts for my other 3D printer but so far I have very few complaints. I’ve been running PETG through it with decent results and the sample of PLA that came with it printed 75% of the test print spectacularly well (included sample isn’t enough to finish the entire test model).


Yes it does.

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This is a very informative video. Thank you for taking the time to make it. I do not have a printer yet, but am considering this 3D printer.

It’s on sale for $189 from manufacturer website (free shipping). For me (with Amazon Prime free shipping), Woot price+tax, still $6 cheaper with Woot.

Manufacture’s website has it at 219.00

I got a pop up on their site for $20 off your first order. So that got it down a little bit more.