SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 PRO 3D Printer

SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 PRO 3D Printer

Niiiice. Got mine in November and been riding the learning curve to awesome since!

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So many “new” things on woot today it’s exciting almost unbelievable really

Every time I see one of these on Woot I’m tempted to buy one. They look like they could be a lot of creative fun. I just finished scrolling through the reviews on Amazon and looked at pics of some of the things people have made with this. Sigh…maybe later this year.

I bought one of these the last time it was offered. This is a good price. It’s very important to assemble it correctly, and the included manual doesn’t help much there. Fortunately, there are multiple videos out there and a very active subreddit to help with that. My first prints came out perfectly.

This is perfect for those who want to start printing some AR15 or Glock frames, just the right size and very accurate.

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Was $160 around Black Friday. I’d have already scooped up a couple if they had it for that price.


Getting one of these was worth it just for the vacuum adapters I’ve been able to design and print to fit all my saws, sanders, and router. Those would have been $60 to have one for each machine off Amazon, but only a few dollars in filament. No more dust in the garage!

Check out 3D Tomb of Horrors on Youtube for an excellent guide to assembly and bed leveling. The manual that comes with the printer leaves out some key steps that will keep your printer running smoothly.

Also be sure to join the Ender3 group on Facebook for more support.


I got one of these a few months ago and am very happy with it!

Been waiting for that $160 price to return.


Have been wanting to buy one of these. Certainly don’t “need” one. Especially if $40 above “best” price. Yes, I know it was Black Friday but deals have a habit of coming back, especially as models become older with newer things bound to come out. C’mon, Woot, we know you can do it. Give us $159.99 and these will be unloaded in a Jiffy!

OK, Woot… FDM printers are so 2019. When are you going to get with the times and push out those SLA/DLP printers all the new kids are using these days?

Having never heard of these, I looked up the price of them and WOW! If I get a 3D printer someday I think I’ll be getting a filament version like this one on Woot.

Damn resin printers are a lot of questionable effort in chemicals, uv lights, hollow out with holes to drain, etc.

Bought one of these back in the fall. I have not successfully made a quality print.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Put that $200 back in your pocket and save it for something else.

Oh no doubt these are made for tinkers, but after pulling mine out of the box and following the assembly (and tweaking while assembly) from Tome of 3d Printed Horrors I was getting above average prints off the start. Further tweaking and reading has only made them better.


:slight_smile: I’ve got a Tevo Tarantula (~$200 FDM) and I love it, but… resin printers produce a much better looking model. You can get one for about the same (~$200) - Longer Orange, Elegoo Mars and a few others. From what I’ve seen, they are pretty good little printers. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Yeah, but then again… nowadays everything is known to cause cancer - especially if you happen to live in the state of California. Somehow, those same items are safe in the rest of the country, though :slight_smile: Thank God I live in Alabama where products are still known to be safe :laughing:

Honestly, though, like most things, I think the safety hazards of resin printing are blown way out of proportion.

So I suppose you should be pretty good with programming and entering computer data to get this thing to work?

Nope… no programming what so ever.

I use Cura as my slicer of choice, and have been dinking with files from Thingiverse.

In the interum I’ve been learning how to use Blender to make my own items up to print, but that’s a little more slow going.

No programming, and I should know… I am a programmer.

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