SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 PRO 3D Printer

SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 PRO 3D Printer

You misspelled Covfefe

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We tested a 4D model

The things take time to print, so technically they’re all 4D. Kinda wedge-shaped in the 4th D.

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This is a good deal to be sure. I have the regular Ender 3 (purchased here) and I love it, this is only $20 more than I paid. That said the Ender 3 v2 just came out. It’s about $260 right now, but given the choice I’d probably want to spend the money for the newer gear. Among other things, it’s got a 32-bit board (as opposed to the 8-bit) and more on-board memory which means you can upgrade firmware directly from the SD card as opposed to the Arduino gymnastics we’re currently doing. Also has a far superior screen and UI. Among many other other minor improvements.



Open Source Hardware on woot. That’s snazzy.

Can’t figure out what to print? Go search for ANYTHING at! Or make your own stuff at Go print out some PPE and donate! These things are pretty awesome BUT is a hobby and does need some TLC time to time.

I blame TT’s Happy Hour. We have since had our coffee and corrected the spelling! :crazy_face:

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Dang, sold out while I read these comments

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You can also print your own TT forum avatar to stand silently, staring judgmentally, on your desk.


Sold out so quick…looks like woot just had 10 for sale ,eh?

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LOL. Many, many, many more than that. A good deal.

Does that look like 10?


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Data nerd in me wonders which items were sold that had hit all lower 48 in one go.

I bought one, as well as the 3018 CNC last week. Home tinker shop is complete, for now.

Anyone receive a shipment notification yet?

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No shipping notification yet. Getting a little nervous.

Hi there. Found the problem. The orders were sent to the wrong place. We’re working on getting it fixed.


I got my shipping notification now, but I can’t figure out how to track my order. Is there a way to do that? Thanks for your help!

There’s now a way to do that. YAY!

Has the problem been taken care of yet? Mine is still showing up as preparing for shipment, and I haven’t received a shipping notice.

Just got mine and assembled it. Figured I would pass on some info that might help others:

  1. The printer uses either microSD or mini-USB. If your computer doesn’t have either of those, make sure to get the appropriate adapters. (I have a MacBook Pro 16" with 4 USB-C connectors and no card reader slots.) It’s recommended to use the microSD card for printing.
  2. The power supply on mine was set for 220V. Check that before you plug it in and panic because it doesn’t work.
  3. Some assembly required but it wasn’t difficult. All the tools needed were included. Took me about an hour.

Also - There is a coupon in the box for 8% off when you order from Sainsmart. Unfortunately it expired in December. How nice.

I had the same problem and wrote them about it. Apparently there was a problem with the first batch, so shipping was delayed to prevent returns. Hope you got yours by now.