Saitek 3200dpi Laser Gaming Mouse

In for one!

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Saitek 3200dpi Laser Gaming Mouse
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Saitek GM3200 Red 3200dpi Laser 6 Button Programmable Gaming Mouse

it’s sooo
…bright colored!!!

bought the razer diamondbacks last wootoff! not buying these sorry woot.

dude its a mouse? who cares


3200 dpi, isnt that really good?

already have a logitech G9

on the fly DPI switching = epic win.

Extremetech Review

in for 1

yes. most good gaming mice go to 2000 dpi. This is nicer than the diamondbacks IMO, wish i had bought this instead. whatev, had another mouse anyway

WOW look at that crazy mouse…

and all those extra buttons… iam in for one.

the colors sold me woot

800 to 3200 DPI with on the fly sensitivity adjustment
4.5 megapixels per second image processing
10,000 frames per second
20G acceleration
40 inches per second at maximum speed
USB interface with gold plated connectors
6 programmable buttons with DIP toggle

Is this woot Mac Compatible?

If you live in a college dorm, expect your roommate and his friends to laugh relentlessly at you when you’re not in the room if you get this thing.

A few reviews at Amazon

Got a wire? Ain’t getting it.

Interesting. Has anyone had any experience with Saitek’s? I suppose a mouse is a mouse, but I’ve been screwed before my a slower-than-thou mouse.

yes 3200 dpi is really good, the average optical mouse is 400dpi. It not only helps with sensitivity it helps with the smoothness …
still got a good working g5 so no woot