Saitek 3200dpi Laser Gaming Mouse

You pulling my leg? I didn’t hear anything about a movie…

oh if only we could be so lucky… i spent hours watching my friend refresh battery after battery after battery…

That’s too damn funny!!!

Someone please order some of these so we can move along to the next item.
K? Thx, bye.

Yuk! Take that back!

Yeah supposedly, there were talks during the writers strike to start writing for the movie after the strike was over

kill it with fire! let’s move on to the next thing

“Item estimated to sell out in 24m 45s*…”

woot ki11er

lol i want others to buy it so we can move on

Arrested Development Movie

Hey Frostbite… whoa…

They sold 1300 of these in the first hour, I mean, the second time, the boards got to 500 posts within 5 min, it was insane the amount of people that got to april fools reference, hahaha

Ok, so I am done with my Froot Loops. Can’t decide whether or not to wait this out…