Saitek A-250 Wireless 2.1 Speaker System



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Saitek A-250 Wireless 2.1 Speaker System
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Saitek iFreedom A-250 Wireless 2.1 Speaker System


amazon for 89$


it’s those darth vader speakers again! they look bigger than they did last time. Guess the former woot mainstain bulked up for it’s appearance on sellout.woot.

still sucks though.


Not too great a deal this time.

Just be sure that you don’t expect great sound quality from this thing (I have a very, very similar model). Still, it’s wireless.


I don’t need it… but is it evil to lurk here waiting for the “got three… what did I just do???” posts?


My unbroken string of sellout.woots has now been broken. Don’t want a speaker system that looks like a sausage.


I have the baby brother (sister?) to this and I love it. Works and sounds great.


I have been waiting for this product from woot a long time. I needed a wireless speaker system. Thanks woot! Now, the next thing I need is a great wireless keyboard and a cordless phone system. The refurb one I got from you died after 2 years.


well another $154.97 gone to another usless woot sellout. This will definatly put a crimp in my wallet. I have to stop buying crap I will never use, Woot, please cancell my account, please please please please


The price might honestly be worth it just for the bluetooth transmitter. I’m tempted.

A while back, I bought a no-name equivalent from the UK to stream music from my iPod to my motorola HT-820 bluetooth headphones. It works like a charm, and I paid almost as much, and that dongle doesn’t work with USB…nor did it come with speakers.




I am in for a few. The A-200 was a nice system and this is more what I would like for my office or outside. Can’t beat the price. it is $89.99 on Amazon and avg cost of $76.50 on Ebay.


Hmm no thanks I’ll pass looks ugly and too expensive


Oh my oh my. I think I will buy yet two more of something I only want one of.

I am aware will not be huge stats, But what is the RMS and PEAK on the speakers.


OMG I got 3, what did I just buy? What did I do? OMG this isn’t funny anymore…LMAO


$95.00 at Ebay including shipping
Ebay link

But who would want it? I thought this was sellout woot, looks like another woot site that the prices keep going up at. guess i wil keep watching for a deal even if most of the time there isn’t one.


Got one…really good deal…retails over $100 on the web…I’m such a geek :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I got 3…

W00t W00t


In for one! I have the smaller A-200 and the thing is pisser. Works great…very nice sound for such a small unit. Use it on the porch with my i-river mp3 DAP for rocking a small gathering with a few beers and everyone was impressed with it’s output and asked many questions about the little unit. Battery life is good and easily plugs in to AC for even longer play times. This one, being bigger, + w/ blue teeth…should be a very pleasing unit. Rate this one a BUY…good price too!