Saitek A250 Wireless 2.1 Speakers



Not for me, but thanks! Wanted my bag 'o crap, tho, dangit.


What The?!?!?!


ahh, great woot day…but alas, i cannot on this.


this should slow down this woot-off pace…


Awesome speakers


Nice , Next oh and I’m a craplees individual


I want these but not for $70. Maybe $30.



i have everybody in my office looking at the woot off


Saitek A250 Wireless 2.1 Speakers

  • $5 shipping
    1 Saitek A-250 Wireless 2.1 Speakers


That sucked. b4 I could enter my exp date for my Amex BOC was sold out.
I can’t sit up tilll midnight waiting for a BOC–I have a job --(which I should be doing right now)
—I shall live out my years thinking about what could have been–sigh


Hold on… Im still loading the order page for the BOC!



Me too, opened a new window and checked my account. NO Bride Of Chucky listed.
I gave up and closed the window


nice, but not for $70. How 'bout a dual layer lightscribe DVD burner?



Oh cursed lunch hour. Why did I feel the need to stuff my face elsewhere rather than staying chained to the puter. My first chance at the BOC and I missed it.


i would love to buy one of these and smack my most annoying vendor over the head who just happen to walk in my office just as the espresso maker ended thus making me miss the boc. would it be worth $75 you ask… yes, yes it would.


These speakers rock!! I popped my w00t cherry buying these the first time they came around and couldn’t be happier. Wireless range is great. Sound quality is okay, not loud enough to fill the room but quality is ok. Best of all the play/pause, stop, next track buttons work with Winamp5. Go Woot-off, GO!!


this is ridiculous!!! I cannot even get a Woot! page to load until the item has already been sold out for 5 minutes! I’m tired of wasting my time. Come on, Woot, get your site working!


Got my speakers today. Disappointed, but maybe I can troubleshoot later. I can’t control ITunes from the device and when I have these plugged in, my regular speakers don’t play. It also turned itself off a couple times.


I can’t get music out of these. Checked the sound settings on the computer, and it recognizes the speakers, but still no sound. I can control the music from the speaker (song forward and back and pause/stop), but, as I’ve said, no sound…

Anyone had the same problems? Anyone have any suggestions?