Saitek A350 Wireless Headphones



Bad experiences with wireless headphones


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Saitek A350 Wireless Headphones
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Its an expensive little toy. Wish I hadnt bought another similar item a few weeks back.

reasonable deal!


Site is getting hammered! I actually want these too!


I thought for sure it was BOC tonight when I saw the server errors.

Happy I didn’t miss it…yet still disappointed that it is not.

I like my headphones with wires still. :o


Server error since 12:59:59 AM. Even the wootbot blanked out on this one.
I like Microsoft products, but I wonder is this would’ve happened if they’s have been using PHP or something.


Yao Ming. Abraham Lincoln. Robert Wadlow. For all their fame and fortune, there was one thing these tall, tall men couldn’t do: keep their MP3 players in their pants pockets while listening. The stingily short wires on the standard lightweight headphone set force such giants to keep their iPods and Rios and iRivers in their shirt pockets, or clipped to their Houston Rockets jerseys, or hidden in their stovepipe hats.

Until today. Making their intergalactic debut right here on Woot: the Saitek A350 Wireless Headphones. They bring tangle-free sound to the highest-elevated, most active ears, restoring the dignity of our tallest citizens and staying out of your way when you’re shimmying around on the Nordic Track. Simply connect the wireless transmitter via a standard 3.5mm audio jack to your personal MP3 player, home stereo, PC or Mac. Then wrap these futuristic fones around your skull and run free, free as the wind blows (or up to 30 feet from the audio source, whichever is less).

Mere words cannot convince you that the A350 sounds great, too, so we won’t try. Instead, we’ll allude again to its unparalleled convenience. We’ll call your attention once more to its groovy curviform sci-fi design, like something you’d see in a dentist’s office on the planet Tralfamadore. We’ll let you know that as of today, Woot is the only source for the Saitek A350 in all of these United States. And we’ll remind you of the sad plight of those whose ears and pelvii are too far apart to use conventional headphones in comfort.

So buy yourself a pair or three of Saitek A350 Wireless Headphones. Do it for Honest Abe. Do it for the Alton Giant. But most of all, do it for you.

link to buy

and the rest from read more


* Wireless range up to 30 feet
* Uses an altered version of Bluetooth technology (modified enough that it can't be used with other Bluetooth stuff)
* Soft-molded over-ear style for comfort and stability
* In-ear headphones for maximum clarity, comfort, convenience and security
* Incorporates lightweight Neodymium speaker magnets to increase efficiency
* Durable design with carry case for protection
* Integrated volume control and on/off switch
* Ultra lightweight rechargeable Lithium polymer battery gives 8 hours play (both headphones and transmitter)
* 80% recharge in one hour
* Compatible with any 3.5mm line-out audio source
* Headphone weight: 55 grams

In the box:

* Saitek A350 wireless headphones
* Wireless transmitter
* Four (4) adjustable neck bands for personalized fit
* 3.5mm jack cable included for optional wired connection
* AC adaptor
* Carrying case
* Owners manual/Quick start guide


For the love of God, Jehovah, Allah, and Vishnu, please, please, Woot, scrap these terrrrible ASP servers and get hooked up with something a bit more robust (hint: it rhymes with “Lapache on Minux”)


man, what is up with the woot main page today? it is crashing like crazy for me, over a set of losy headphones


Yay! its not just me with a broken page!

As for the headphones, they dont look to shaby, but I think I will pass tonight.


Saitek A350 Wireless Headphones
and a nice 500 server error. :smiley:


You can get them through the blog page…


Hmmm, unfortunately, I’m not that tall…cool idea though.


crazy crazy… first time i have seen woot’s site screwed up.


click on the blog and it’ll let you buy it. These are pretty sweet. Too bad they’re not bluetooth


I see server crachses like this and I’m grabbin the AMEX. But then I come to the forums to see it’s a freakin pair of headphones??? Woot You Suck! tonight anyways. :slight_smile:
I’m going to bed


I wonder how these sound… Do they use bluetooth or do they just use the generic cordless phone 2.4 GHz spectrum? Oi! Server overload! I bet everyone thinks that it’s mystery speakers or a BOC… Rookies… =)


These are bluetooth with a BT dongle transmitter, right? But if you have a BT capable player, you don’t need the dongle, right? According to this: they are bluetooth - “…the A350 Bluetooth wireless headphones…” WHOOPS!!! info on the web about these headphones being BT is MISLEADING!! Read the Woot description to see “Uses an altered version of Bluetooth technology (modified enough that it can’t be used with other Bluetooth stuff)” So, you HAVE to use the dongle to make these work. Sadly, this kills the deal for me.


LMAO! Wow tonight is busy… Got about 1000 error codes before i went to the blog to view the product. Nice Headphones. Wish i could actually get the home page to view more info on them. Maybe in 10 or 20 minutes…