Saitek Cyborg 3D Rumble Stick Joystick

A refurbished joystick…there’s a joke in there somewhere!!

holy crap

not vista compatable. =( *frowns boo

Anybody think there’s gonna be a Battery Operated Car tonight?


can you use this with google earth flight sim?

where the hells the bag o’ crap

my wife wants one but she dosent play video games?


The ship moves swiftly
while playing Descent: Freespace.
Eat it, aliens.

Wow, lots of different stuff mixed with old favorites.
I think it’s been a good woot off.

Used joystick…A sadstick, indeed.

really? I waited for this?

seriously does woot own stock in saitek??

Oh man. I need a “rumble stick”

I think I just heard my pillow whispering my name…=0

Live Woot-off! coverage via Stickam:

(We’re a knock-off, and we’re proud of it!)

In for 3.

Happy Wooting!

I think I just had some flatulence…

winner winner chicken dinner