Saitek Cyborg Evo Wireless Joystick

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Saitek Cyborg Evo Wireless Joystick
Somebody, please – pimp my joystick!
$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Remember when you thought you were going to be someone remarkable? When you felt a cool, calming certainty that destiny would elevate you above the faceless herd? When the locomotive of your life fired its mighty pistons and chugged inevitably toward Great Things? You weren’t sure how or why, exactly, but you could feel it in your bones: you would be more than just another booth-warmer at Arby’s.

So much for all that. There’s no need to delve into the diversiform unpleasantnesses that followed. But there’s still one way to make your mark on human culture, to cry “Here I am, world!” like an overly-enthused musical theater student: trick out the Saitek Cyborg Evo Wireless Joystick.

As the world’s first fully-adjustable wireless controller, it features a customizable head and stick, optimizing control for both left- and right-handers. (The bitterly polarized American polity of today could learn a lesson in harmony from this thing.)

But wait – there’s more! 5 fire buttons! 8-way ‘point-of-view’ hat switch! 2 shift buttons! 4 base buttons! Not to mention the included Saitek Smart Technology software, allowing you to increase the number of assignable functions, create and save game profiles and assign keyboard and mouse commands. And it works from up to 30’ away.

Hey, if you’re content to shuffle along with the rest of the herd toward the cultural equivalent of an unmarked pauper’s grave, don’t let us disturb you. But if you wanna be the Dennis Rodman of your gaming circle, in full command and in full effect, grab your feather boa and the Cyborg Evo Wireless. You could still be a contender! You could still be somebody!


Condition: New, retail
The world’s only fully adjustable wireless stick
Customizable head and stick enables left and right-handers to find their optimum gaming position
Advanced programming provided by Saitek Smart Technology software
Rapid-fire trigger
5 fire buttons
8-way ‘point-of-view’ hat switch
2 shift buttons
4 base buttons
3D twist for rudder control
Lever throttle
Single spring gimbal mechanism
3 position handle adjustment to suite all hand sizes
2.4GHz RF Wireless solution delivers up to 30 feet (ten meter) range
Up to 50 hours of play on a single alkaline battery

I have tons of games, but never time to play. Is this really a needed accessory :?: Does anyone still play games on their PC? & Why?

My students have a quiz tomorrow - final exam on Thursday. They said I wasn’t being patriotic - testing them on diluted earnings per share the day after the fourth of july. Well, I spent all day shooting insurgents on my SOCOMII game just for them. :lol: See - I am patriotic.

(Not to downplay what allgoodpeople and the rest are doing for continued freedom in our country)

Now my thumbs are hashed - forgot to trim my fingernails before playing. Would’ve been nice just to pull the old trigger with my heat-sensored 50 caliber rifle. Oh well, would’ve had to buy the PC version of the game anyway.

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