Saitek Cyborg Graphite USB Joystick - 2 Pack



3 out of 4 aint bad, right?

Sorry for the lack of good information today, there isnt much out there on these things.

Froogle Link Close Matches, $13.95 Minimum each

Yahoo! Shopping Link $29.99 each

Shopzilla Link $29.99 each

Amazon Customer Review Link No Reviews


Saitek Cyborg Graphite USB Joystick - 2 Pack
$11.99+ $5 shipping

2 Saitek Cyborg Graphite Joystick - PS21


i wooted one of these a few months back for 10 bucks. Not bad for the beginner joystick gamer.


ZOMG! This product is $30 each at Amazon! Seems like awesome woot, too bad I have better joystick :slight_smile:


Back tonight - more prices for one only w/o shipping…
SecretPrices … $14.90 (x 2 ~ $30)

PriceGrabber … $19.95 (x 2 ~ $40)

Woot beats the lowest prices, and throws in an additional one free.


Boo, there is no z-axis included. But the throttle and hat switch are tempting…

Hahaha, there is a filter for BravoOscarOscar! =D


Hmmmm, 2 of 'em eh? I could break one throwing it across the room in a Bawls-fueled rage and still have one left! Tempting woot, verrrry tempting. . .


boooring… here’s my link… you can get it on BizRate for a good price… but the woot is better.

there’s no lisitng on CNET for this on product but the other Saitek Joysticks on cnet are expensive… yawn… nite nite.


I ordered it during the last woot-off, and I have to say it works pretty well in the Battlefield games. Some might be put off by the lack of buttons compared to other cheap joysticks, but 2 for $12 is a pretty good deal for an overall solid stick.


So does your spelling oh first posting one

My friend has these they are decent and the price i mean hey nice!




Will these work with PS2?


Unless it has force feedback, thanks but no thanks.

Okay woot but could be better.


Awesome w00t…I’m in…These should work great for Darkstar One when it comes out…

I can understand passing if you already have a joystick or don’t need one, but I think this is a great 2 for tuesday!


I have a set of these. Work well.


Great stick for the $$… I’ve owned one for 4+ years, and its still working. I like the 8-postion hat and the z-axis twist action. Good for flight simulators, at least at my level. Good Woot if you have the need!


mouse and keyboard are the best joystick no need any other


Decent woot, sure it’s an upgrade from my old Sidewinder 3D Pro, even with the lack of Z axis. If nothing else, should be able to cannibalize the second for a (somewhat) cheap USB input interface. :smiley: Overstock’s listing them for sixteen bucks for one without shipping, so nine bucks a pop with shipping is a pretty good deal.

Oh, and this is a DAMN good deal for anyone who’s a fan of the Virtual On series, and has a fully legal copy on their PC. Set one up for the left hand, and one for the right since they come apart.


Me and my friends are in need of cheap/good joysticks, so 2 sets for me. Decent woot… though I still would’ve preferred Caviar/WiFi Card/BoC/ etc tech goodies.

See ya tomorrow night, same woot time, same woot channel.