Saitek Mephisto Jr Master Chess Computer



Mephisto Jr? What’s Mephisto Sr like?


what kind of father’s day stuff is this?


any good?


They make a better joystick than chess game - maybe next time W00t.

With Woot and Justice for All!!!


no thanks i already mastered chess and yes, this is a challenge


I only play 3 level chess like on Star Trek The Next Generaton.



Are you joking? Woot…you’ve offically hit a new low…checkmate!


Oh W00t! I waited up because I thought you would help me out on father’s day with some blinged out carrots.

Instead I get Chess set - maybe for my daughter though…

nite nite…

-----at least it’s not a refurb


$20 on Froogle as lowest! good deal i guess


Hmm…I always meant to learn how to play chess…I wonder if this would help me do that?


Does anyone have one of these? I have had “chess computers” in the past and figured them out in about a day or two. I just want to know if this one puts up more of a fight.

Yes I don’t have anyone to play chess with.



! lufrednow era snoipmahc ssehC


Froogle $19.95
SecretPrices $26.99 (travel edition)


Way to go Woot. Took care of three Christmas gifts and they’ll love them


What was a user put on probation for that post? I am new to woot and unless the chess peices move on it’s own… Not worth it.
Also… My girlfriend told me that woot will be my downfall. I agree. I am Mr. Impulse shopper.
Oh well. I enjoyed money while I had it.


I’d like to report a spelling error:

Unfinished games held in memory allow you to pick up were you left off

I assume you meant ‘where’ ?


Cheapest on Froogle is $19.95


So I was hoping for some USEFUL comments but alas I just see some derisive ones. Ah why not. I always wanted to learn and awe others with my awesome nerd skills. Anyone know if this will help me?


$29.95 direct from Saitek