Saitek No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 2-Pack



play the real game only problem you will have is you may lose more than ten dollars… Not impressed… Goodnight


Kinda weak for the day after Christmas, but pretty sweet since I’m headin to a casino tomorrow. I’ll save my $15 for some real gambling action instead.


comparison links coming right up… actually, i’m at the in-laws house and don’t have time to update completely… here’s the shopzilla link to tide you over… i’ll probably do the full update some time in the morning… sorry for the inconvenience… haha ‘inconvenience’, like anyone actually checks my blog… hehe…
Shopzilla link

… also, here’s the general shopzilla link for this search… cuz if you click through some of the other categories, there’s a few offers mixed in here and there… point being, woot win’s again… but its still fun to look… holler.


Some pricing for this gadget…

Froogle … $4.99

SecretPrices … $19.99

Prices only be for uno.


don’t these cost about 2 dollors in the store? but woot wouldn’t do that to us…right?


I LOVE POKER… but I really don’t like these cheesy handheld games. Heck, if I want to play poker on a handheld, I’ll put a poker game on my PDA.

They should have put them in 2 big bags with question marks on them. They would have sold out in minutes! LOL


If it was blackjack I probably had bought them. This post was done from my Wii.


What’s the AI like?


I bought this awhile back; it’s actually kind of fun.


Saitek? Seriously?

I wonder if they make Sudoku/Kakuro…


Christmas is over, is anyone actually getting one of these for themselves? They seem cheap and amazon is selling them for next to nothing, so resale is out of the question. Anyone?


I’m tempted to try for it just because I lost out so completely yesterday. Problem is, I have no interest in poker and don’t have any friends who are interested in poker. Alas! If only they would offer something I want and no one else does…


I wonder if the LCD’s could be used in PIC microcontroller projects…

Scratch that. I thought they were color lcd’s, but now I see it’s just monochrome on top of a colored background.


lowest for one piece $8, $17 shipped to IL‘Em+Poker&btnG=Search+Froogle&lmode=online&scoring=p


great…started xmas shopping for next year


Got these before. Nice for awhile. The screen is super duper dim. The computer is not very smart. Other than that, good to pass a plane ride or kill some time in the head…


Got my 4 handheld poker games. Great for belated Christmas gifts. Almost everyone I know loves Texas Holdem !


Queens full of eights? I’m all in!

…Oh wait, I forgot…after Christmas shopping I only saved $8 for yesterday’s BOC, which I DIDN’T get! Guess I lost that gamble, huh? Nite.


Eh, why not… I can be amused, and I can give one to a co-worker who is more easily amused then I am. My first woot!, let’s hope for bigger and better things soon!