Saitek No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Poker

<img align=‘left’ src='‘Em_Poker-thumbnail.jpg’ />Saturday, December 10, 2005

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Wooters ante up Quality Posts:

  • p2, using_the_whole_fist figures this can be an educational tool.
  • p2, edncassie says this is “WAY better” than a similar woot.
  • p3, vosgear links to Amazon.
  • p3, StripedSRT4 links to an IGN review.
  • p3, mrsly96 links to a Gamezone review.
  • p3, Xtopherous does some comparison shopping.
  • p3, coy55boy discovers “Saitek’s got em ‘on sale’ for $39.95”.

stayed up for this :frowning:

where is it??? i’m still seeing the wines…

I’m up for this woot. Matter of fact I got me a wooty tonight.
Actually this brings back bad memories. I keep hearing over and over, "Bill, Did you poker in the oval office? I guess it depends on what your definition of poker is. Now where are my cigars?

Dam, Dam, Dam. I was hoping for another BOC (cuz of the crash), took 21min to fix, wow, the script monkeys must have polished off a few bottles of the wine before work.

pretty sweet woot…pretttyyyy, prettyyyy, prettyyyyy sweet.

cheap. too cheap.

first page - first post<br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b>

Tried refreshing for 20 minutes, expecting the almighty Bag. But here comes dumb poker =/

boc false alarm…

hehe first page for first time… <br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b>

Ante up…cool woot!

Bin awhile since I seen something good…

Welcome back online!!!

hmmmm - interesting woot…

I want a bag of crap! I’ll pass on this!

Holy server error Batman!
No thanks for the Poker game, though… was hoping for the box of mystery speaker or a BOC…
Great stocking stuffer tho…

crazy, i thought it was BOC with all the errors but its just a pocket poker game, haha

hmmmm … maybe

This woot is just ACES in my book. But I was about to cash in my CHIPS and go to bed with all of the server errors. My guess is that IGOTWOOTERS did another ROYAL FLUSH on the woot servers.