Saitek P2600 Rumble Force First Person Shooter Gamepad

This thing is great… I hooked it up with macros so I can surf woot better and snag the deals. Why use a keyboard when I can use my FPS joystick to woot faster!


Apparently, the folks in Indiana don’t get the concept of wireless…they’re snapping these up…sort of, anyway :wink:


Wootalyzer predicts 4 hours and 19 min???

yea this has came up already… how dumb.

and yes my system can play Crysis… I built it myself also.

See my name…


but I don’t want that ghetto controller!

did i miss any B’s of C’s?

OMG, did Woot suddenly find a few more of these in a corner somewhere?!

It runs it pretty smooth. when I get into something ridiculous, like tons of fire, movement, or excessive firing, it lags up a bit. But nothing too bad.

Like that sticky moist sensation on the side of your leg??

I’ve noticed two recurring jokes posted in the comments. “Bandolier of carrots,” and “Pancakes!”

What do they mean?

meh, another one…

wow they have a lot of these

well my SLI 260’s does Decent.

I never said MAX… you did. and my Quad helps… when most people that “Call” themselves gamers only have Core 2 Duo’s.

I got the Quad… that helps a little also. just a LIL!

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!

Another “First Person Shooter” gamepad. At least they weren’t dumb enough to make this one wireless, but good lord…

You know the easiest way to tell which players are using a gamepad in a first person shooter? They’re the ones continuously dying horribly, moving erratically, and not hitting anything.

Standard FPS Rankings:
1st-Experienced players
2nd-Normal players
3rd-Newbie players
Last-Almost anybody using a gamepad.

OK, 2 hours now, thats a little better


Shoulda went Corsair on the ram. I’ve had G-Skill arrive DOA, and have had problems with their chips.

You’ve been around for 17 months…it’s time you educated yourself on the ways of the w00t-off. The easiest way to take it all in at once is to go to wikipedia. I highly recommend it. Otherwise the real smarta**es will eat you alive as soon as they’ve had their second cup o’joe…

They found way more tan a few of these.

Just think how many kids you will make happy by donating them to SALVATION ARMY.

Buy 3.