Saitek PC Gamers Keyboard

Gonna sell to fast

flashlight over thiss

Gamer awake?

oh hell yea


what makes it “gamers” keyboard?

got one for the roommate

d o n o t w a n t !

I have this and it is TERRIBLE! The backlight doesn’t turn off and doesn’t actually help you see the keys, because they keys are opaque. So all it does it annoy you.
Also, the keyboard for some reason has compatibility problems with many games. It’s a keyboard! It’s not supposed to have compatibility issues!
Do not buy! (unless you want to move the woot-off forward, in which case, thanks for taking one for the team)

So far the best Woot today was the Belkin 7 port USB hub that I unfortunately missed. I’ll be regretting stepping away from my computer for quite some time…

Oh, by the way, Paulct is an I D I O T

Very good price.

if you have to ask, then you’re a noob

Not sold out yet???

snagged on

in for one, been needing a new keyboard for a while =]

Hey, at least it’s not a bread maker…

Way to slow down teh wootoff…

smell noob