Saitek Portable 2.1 Speaker System


[imgleft][/imgleft] Wednesday, September 28, 2005 : Saitek Portable 2.1 Speaker System


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Saitek’s Flash site:
Engadget covers the A-200:
As does Gizmodo:
And T3 (British gadget mag)
Style review
Major media coverage of this launch:


WOOT THE HECK WAS THAT!™ Sometimes overheard when there is a particularly strange woot (like the ab-tilt [;)] )

Saitek Portable 2.1 Speaker System $79.99 + $5 shipping

good review here…

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[size=16]Saitek Portable 2.1 Speaker System[/size]
$5 shipping


Speakers…looks like a UFO.


Ooh… nice.

Don’t think I need one…

Kinda took me a while to figure out what the heck it is, exactly.

I have read some good reviews on this speaker system, and the price seems good enough to get one if you’re in the market for this system…

It might be good for that Izon, Lexar ( I got one! ), or Rubato MP3 player you just bought off Woot!


Looks good item. I want one.


Looks kinda snazzy.


Official website -

Retail $140 (£80)

Good deal if you always wanna be first to get something new :smiley:


Yippee . I recieved my 61" tv this week!!!

What is this thing??/


what a dissapointing woot…what woulda been a good woot woulda been a mystery speaker set (100 Watts) or random stuff…this…this is just really REALLY disappointing


Good deal I believe. I like the sleekyness type of look to it. But I am already satiated enough with speakers.


I wish I had cool enough music to buy this! Nice!


WOOT launch!!!

No thanks…


Another passable Woot. Maybe tomorrow night…


Mmmm… pope hat items. No thanks though, I prefer my 200 watt stereo with built in subs and all that jazz. None of this portability junk!


I’ve got some old battery powered computer speakers that I can duct tape together if anyone is interested… I’ll pass…


Is this thing worth it?


It must be new …
What can I use this for ???


The mothership has landed!