Saitek Portable 2.1 Speaker System



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Saitek Portable 2.1 Speaker System
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Saitek A-200 Portable 2.1 Speaker System


jbl rip off!


check check useful linkage for the comparison links… and then you’ll know… cuz a friday morning woot! ain’t nothin to f’ with… but i sure loved this one back in december '06.


good speakers, i liked them


anyone have one of these?


So is this a good buy???


Anyone know how these sound?


Not quite in the league of my audio systems.


It’s a UFO!


How is the sound quality on this on woot? Does anyone have one and really like it?


I wooted one of these a few months ago, it’s great.


Ha, this was on passwird today!


Google Product Search


anybody get one of these the first time around? if so, how is the sound quality and does it get pretty loud?


I’m gonna wait until someone posts about how this is a bad deal because you can create your own 2.1 system for less money using an old laptop & misc parts from a washing machine.


These are awesome speakers. I bought a lot when woot had the 2fer tewsday.

Use one for my comp and one for my mp3 player.

Good looks woot i like your update, it didn’t say it was too late for the last item, u gave peeps a chance to buy until the end.

the end


bought 2 of these last time they came out, and i actually really like it! its a great buy people!


Wow, Woot. What, You’ve had these speakers on so many times, you’ve run out of amusing things to say about them? What a dull description today. Oh, well.


If I recall correctly from the last time these were on Woot, these are surprisingly decent.

If I had a need for yet another set of speakers, I would definitely woot!