Saitek Rumble Force Gamepad

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New Saitek Rumble Force Gamepad, for $4.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Saitek P2500/J62 Rumble Force Gamepad

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Saitek Rumble Force Gamepad
$4.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Saitek P2500/J62 Rumble Force Gamepad

i think i bought 2 of these before, rumbling doesnt work with vista out of the box, i dont think

Only for a PC?

Excellent controller for the price. I got one the last time it was on woot. It works like a charm. I haven’t experienced a game with rumble, but who cares. A controller with this many buttons that works as well as this will never go less than $25. If you don’t even need it and you just play games, it’s worth it. It’s $10, why not?

Hmm. Only 69/100 on Alatest…,318/

That sucks cause there are just SO many games for macs…

I hear they have HALO now! and WoW!

got it during the woot off a while ago. rumble does not work with vista out of the box. Otherwise, great buy!!!

Good buy, sells for about 12$ on that auction site.
buying 3 then selling em off is a decent way to make cash.

Only two shoulder buttons? That means this has at least two mappable buttons less than your standard PS2 knockoff when you consider that the 5th and 6th face buttons are the equivalent of Start/Select.

This would have been so awesome to have 10 years ago on my Windblows 95 machine when playing Duke Nukem…

In for two. Good thing to have if a buddy comes over and wants to play some ol the old NES roms from back in the day against eachother.

I bought two before realizing are only two trigger buttons :confused:

. . . but can it work on Mac OS? . . .
. . . vacuum . . . stupid . . .

Got this during a woot-off awhile back for the same price. So far its been a great controller. My key problem with most controllers is the response time, and this one seems to do a great job.

Why use a gamepad? Keyboard and Mouse are SO much better.

gamepad is good for arcade games like fighting games

anyway i got the Saitek P2600 last time they were on sellout.woot. I don’t think the P2500 have been on before, at least no recently.

differences b/w 2600 and 2500? i haven’t opened up the 2600s yet, so can’t review em.

P2500: 2 shoulder buttons, 2 analog sticks with built-in buttons.
P2600: 4 shoulder buttons, 2 analog sticks (they are not buttons)