Saitek Rumble Force Gamepad

1 Saitek Rumble Force Gamepad

$2.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

Will this work with World of Warcraft?

good thing i bought 2 of these at $4.99 earlier…

ohh I guess I was the first sucker… l.olz … pwned

Hmmm. Only 64/100 on the Alatest review average. I’d be careful with this one. Not that it’s not a great deal, cuz it is. I’m just sayin.,318/

I know that some usb PC gamepads can be used on the PS3 via the usb plug.

Does this work on the Playstation 3 ?

yes, it works, but not all buttons in the right place, and it’s not enough buttons for ps3 full use. i’ve try it. also, the right joystick is clockwise rotate once. so UP on the right stick on ps3 controller is RIGHT on other usb controller. might be better off using it on pc. i don’t recommand to use it for ps3

How did you decide you wanted it so quickly?

Ok, so in all seriousness…

Will it work on a mac? I know. I know, there are only four and a half games for the mac, but since this is so cheap, will it work?

This was on Woot a couple weeks ago, then its big brother (P2600) was on he woot off recently. Don’t bother installing the driver/software that comes with it. Just go to and get the newest. I’d call it a good buy if you have a use for a decent game controller. Just be warned that it has only 2 trigger buttons (1 on each side). If nothing else, buy a few and you ahve stocking stuffers if such people in your life like such things.

I’ve had one of these for like 5 years, and it’s awesome… gonna pick up a couple more!

In for one.


I thought the woot-off ate all of these. >:O

If it was during the Wootoff, they where different models. The $3.99 ones had a couple extra shoulder buttons, while the ones for $4.99 where wireless.

While Saitek doesn’t provide Mac drivers, as mentioned here recent versions of OS X should provide both gamepad and rumble support for USB gamepads on their own. You probably won’t have advanced key mapping features for games that don’t natively support gamepads though, so you’ll have to make sure you have some games with gamepad support.


Does it work with World of Warcraft?

I have owned this exact gamepad for many years and it has been the best PC Gamepad I have ever used. It has worked perfectly for all emulators/ROMs (SNES, N64, MAME, etc…) I have played and any other PC game that can be used with a gamepad.

It also has a nice solid feel (not a cheap feel). At $2.99 this is a steal (I am sure I paid upwards of around $19.99 - 24.99 back when I originally bought this).

no. WoW requires a keyboard and mouse.

actually, it says you can use the software to map keyboard/mouse functions to the controller. I don’t play WOW, but I imagine it probably would work with it.