Saitek Rumble Force Gamepad

Anybody able to compare this to the Nyko AirFlo EX pads Woot sold a long, long time ago? This sounds good with the rumble and the 6 face buttons, and my AirFlo has some issues with the analog sticks in some PC games… Mostly it works fine in emulators. I mostly use pads for PS1/PS2 emulators and PC ports of console games on Steam (Can’t get Psychonauts or Assassin’s Creed to work right with the AirFlo).

I may pick up one or two anyway since they’re cheap; I just thought maybe someone else had some comparative experience with these.

You do know the wootoff’s over, right?

Don’t lie to convince people to buy these. You have to wait til midnight for the next woot, whether these sell out or not. :slight_smile:

Will this work with my iPhone?

Considering your iPhone doesn’t have a USB input port on it, no.

The only thing about this pad that annoys me is the D-pad. It works well enough, but it has these little ridges to mark the diagonals. They press into your fingers a bit.

Even still, if it’s a tossup between this and a Xbox 360 D-pad, go with this.

Let’s see, I paid maybe $8 shipped for one of these. In that regard, I’d only bother placing an order if you have a HTPC that’s not too far away from the couch. They work well enough with emulation (although you have to use different buttons for select/start, the face buttons in the middle are for toggling rumble/analog.)

Also, so long as you don’t activate RUMBLE, the light it lets off isn’t too annoying.

Mine hasn’t even shipped and it’s been ten days already. Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m wondering the same although Thanksgiving was in the way, I’d say it’s more like 5-6 business days and it’s not shipped yet.

Same here…people that ordered the dvd player from the previous day just got theirs shipped today. So I’d expect the gamepads to be shipped tomorrow or the next day, then another day processing, a few more days for Fedex to lose your package and find it again. In the end, I expect for it to arrive mid January. Sorry I ever bought it when I could have gotten it from bestbuy for 5 dollars more and had it right away.

Its’ Dec 3 and Mine still have not shipped…

Shipped out today.

Yep. about 30 mins after posting this, Mine shipped out as well. Yay woot! I still love ya!

Mine shipped, still haven’t got it yet…