Saitek Vibration Gaming Headset

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New Saitek Vibration Gaming Headset, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Saitek PH04AU GH30 Vibration Gaming Headset

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I bought 2 of these during the woot off. I’m hoping they were worth it. I like my everglides (and I don’t think I’ll actually ever use the vibration option) but I needed one with a decent mic. I think these will work nicely

can this play sound without a sound card via usb like some other gaming headsets or is the usb only for power? it would be nice to get better quality sound out of laptops. thanks

I’m in the market for a new headset… Are these any good?

What does the “vibration” part mean?

Does this work with the Xbox 360?


This vibration feature seems dubious, and subject to abuse.

I bought one… cant be too bad and at 15$ its a decent deal


These do indeed require a standard connection for audio and microphone. The USB is only to power the Vibration feature… not audio

One for the headphones, one for the microphone. Both are 3.5mm headphone connector types. Makes sense to me, anyway.

in for one
3 stars on Amazon, from four reviewers. Reasonably believable.

Definition of Leatherette?

just got one, lets see how it is

Atleast there is a control for the rumble on the cable… that way you can turn it off when you realize it sucks

so it just rattles your brain? i dont get it.

Define extra long… How far away from the console can I get?

Excellent price, although do you really need them to vibrate? Quality any good on these puppies?