Saitek Vibration Gaming Headset

I’m not sure, but if you warm it up a bit, you have a song by The Normal.

yea what about PS3? i have a crapy head set now but it goes in via usb… it says the usb is just to charge the vibration?

I dont care they look nice and are cheap i mean i just bought a new headset but it wouldnt be bad to have a few more around im in for two

Who thought this would be a good idea? I guess they’ll stick a motor on ANYTHING these days.

Nifty thought: This item makes a well disguised sex toy.

will this work w/ my SanDisk Sansa e250 2GB Media Player?

Hope they are OK…I just got 3 for Xmas gifts.


These were only $6.99 on the latest woot off.

Those were refurb and these aren’t, and those were $3 cheaper. Makes me wonder if they’re all refurb or all new, though. HMMM WOOT HMMM?

Fine Corinthian Pleather.

AKA Vinyl.

The audio and rumble should work, but you will need to use 2 AAA batteries for the rumble.

If you are looking at them for music I would be a little cautious of buying headphones when they don’t advertise the frequency response. Gaming is different from music since you don’t need the high range for gaming. Cheap headsets tend to cut out the high range. It is easy to do lows with a headset. My two cents.

Faux leather I would guess.

Leatherette is to leather
as chevette is to corvette

Small leather, perhaps.

And for those asking about the USB connection: I have a similar pair of headphones made by Inland. The USB connection simply powers the bass vibration feature, which is a cheap way to make it sound like the headphones have decent speakers capable of producing good bass. It works fairly well, but mine tend to rattle sometimes when I’m listening to something with a lot of bass, like explosions and such. There is no way to simply use the headphones through USB (at least not with mine and I’m going to go out on a limb and say these are almost identical to mine except for the label.)

those were RFB, these are NEW.

these work with ps3?
heres a review, it got a 6/10.

  • Solid construction
  • Fairly light considering what’s in it
  • Attractive
  • Solid brand name behind the product


  • Sound quality not as good as competitors
  • Microphone quality likewise
  • Vibration might get annoying after a while
  • No in-line mic mute

Ear massager.

awesome enlarged picture there.