Saitek Vibration Gaming Headset

Anyone know why they haven’t shipped yet or why i haven’t gotten shipment number??

ok…my bad!!! I just didn’t get the email but found the confirmation # on the receipts. Sorry woot guys.

Check your email people, these are now refurbed with a $3 refund.

and i thought it was sent already too, had tracking

i didn’t get squat…
Turns out my order was refunded.

I want to know why it takes so God damn long to ship their products. Also, wtf is this shit about refunds and refurb’d? I never got an email, so I better get a brand-spanking new pair, or I will murder all the little white bunnies in the world.

I got mine today… no refund. And as far as i can tell these were NEW. Mine were completely sealed, look brand new to me.

All three of these I ordered arrived today. They’re brand new too.

Just Put Emm on their pretty rock solid, feels nice, a little tight on my huge head. but i could get used to that. they look nice. sound quality is 3/5 and quality is about 4/5 and comfortableness 4/5. Remember this is all my opinion

still waiting for my refurbs

got mine today… brand spankin new…

ive got the vibration hooked up, but can someone tell me how it works exactly? what triggers vibration… ive played some games but havent gotten any yet…

does a game have to be coded specifically for it?

just got mine today. i pretty much put the volume up almost max, and the vibration up completely. whenever there is a bass or a low/loud sound it seems like they vibrate. So for any song they vibe to the bass pretty good.

thx jspearman… that was a good test… just put on some “down with the sickness” and felt them vibrate… now at least i know they work! :slight_smile:

thx again!

anyone get any word of the refurb units yet? ive sent 2 emails with no replies

I never got an email saying that mine were going to be refurbs and my tracking says they should be here tomorrow. That means that I will be getting new ones right? I don’t need to do anything to get the refund or partial if I am getting it?

unless this is on the reciept, then i haven’t gotten this e-mail yet.

i got an email that said i had to do nothing if i wanted refub and i would get $3 back, I got the $3 but no product, ive sent 2 emails and havent heard back. i Really need this headset

receipt says i was refunded,

my $3 was refunded. because it was a partial refund, I cant see any tracking info or even see that it is on its way. any idea when we can see it?

same here, i guess its on its way ?

Ok I got mine today. Both Brand Spankin New No R3furb here! I didn’t get a email/notification either tho.

For those of you who have yours… is the vibration mechanism ONLY in the right earpiece? I bought two and I tested them both out before commenting and my right ear is def getting more of a jostling than my left. I can still feel the vibration on my left ear a little and the vibration on the right ear is enough to mush up your brains pretty good!

Another reviewer said that when you turn the vibration all the way down you lose alot of bass. I don’t think this is true b/c when I have the vibration turned down all the way I still hear the same amount of bass, it just doesn’t rattle my brain like everyone is used to now when they go bumping down the street in their supped up car. You can have good bass without it making your heart stop or in this case your brain. :smiley:

Overall I am very happy with my purchase and wish I had bought 3 instead of 2!