Saitek WOW Wireless Adapter for PS2


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Woottttttterrrific!!! (back by popular demand :slight_smile: )

Good to see us back to tech stuff. Nice lemonader makers… but apparently not a big seller.

Does anyone play their PS2 anymore? :slight_smile:

This is a great price! Best on Froogle is $8.99 for 1 with $5 shipping… So this is a 2-for 1 deal here! Nice!! … Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.

YAY!! I made the photoshop contest!! Thanks!!!

Thanks Bill!!! (below)



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too bad this is something i can’t use.

enjoy, kiddies.

goodnight everyone :slight_smile:


good deal but not for me


[size=24:4339fea180][color=red:4339fea180]OG[/color][/size:4339fea180] :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:


pretty cool woot. not much of a gamer myself but would make an amazing gift for friends.
Froogle = $30 for 2 throw us a bone


yay wireless toys!!!


Saitek WOW Wireless Adapter for PS2 (2-Pack)
Now you can sit back on your couch to play your PS2 on your new Woot projector
$9.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Telephones with cords are rapidly going the way of the stegosaurus. TV remotes lost their cords ages ago. Madonna’s been capering onstage with that wireless headset since the waning days of the Reagan administration. So why in the name of Viewtiful Joe are you still shackled to your Playstation 2? Get with the wireless program, Gramps!

Saitek’s WOW (WithOut Wires) system lets you convert up to two existing PS2 controllers into wireless units as easily as you slurp on that Biggie Sierra Mist. It works up to 30 feet away, and the peeps at Saitek promise that their “unblockable high-speed RF technology” means there’s no lag in response time. A world of uninterrupted gaming ecstasy awaits the lucky few of you with clear sight lines from the toilet to the TV.

Condition: New, retail
Works up to 30 feet from the receiver
868MHz RF technology
Upgrades two controllers to wireless using a remote and rechargeable wireless adapter
Rechargeable lock ‘n’ load canister power pack eliminates the need for replacement batteries
Man, that phrase “lock ‘n’ load” makes everything seem more exciting, huh?
Recharge through the console without a main adapter
Unique controller pass-through receiver/charger unit allows use of DVD remote or other device without unplugging unit
And if you’ve ever had your unit unplugged, you know just how unhygienic that can be
Compatible with PSOne, PSX and 1st Generation PS2 systems
Will not work with the new slimline PS2 system (officially, they cite “artistic differences,” but rumor is there was a love triangle gone bad)

P.S. For reference, here above is a picture of the original PlayStation 2 that these adapters can be used for.

and here is a picture of the new slimline PlayStation 2 that is [size=24:d63aae2f7f][color=red:d63aae2f7f]NOT[/color][/size:d63aae2f7f] compatible with these Saitek WOW adapters.

P.P.S. Don’t forget now, this is the same kind of deal we had over the weekend. If you want to know how many adapters you’re really going to get, just multiply your quantity by 2. That means if you order one, you get 2 separate blister packs, each with one wireless adapter and 4 rechargeable AA NiMH batteries. Likewise if you order two, you will get 4 separate blister packs, with a total of 4 wireless adapters (1 in each pack) and 16 rechargeable AA NiMH batteries (4 in each pack). And don’t think that just because we aren’t going to do the math for a quantity of 3 that it’s going to be any different. Your mom always said you won’t get any smarter if you keep letting someone else do all the work for you.[



I wish I didn’t already have really nice remotes.

Light and laughter,


Got these the last go around and they are pretty cool! Nice to sit on the couch and play insted of right next to the tv.



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This WOOT Blows!!!


hmmm. I’m gonna pass this one, seems to be a really good deal though.


nice :smiley:


nice deal…but got no PS1 or PS2




If I only hadn’t gotten that slim PS2 for Christmas…


It would be nice.

How about a BOC to make up for the complete shit you sent me last week?


Not today…

No games.

but more deals, go to , update every day!