Saitek WOW Wireless Controller Adapter for PS2


Welcome to the Saitek Wirelss PS2 Adaptor topic for Monday December 6th, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Saittek WOW here.


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Saitek WOW Wireless Controller Adapter for PS2
Play your favorite PS2 games without getting tangled in controller wires.
$10.00 + $5 Shipping and Handling
With Saitek’s new WOW (With Out Wires) adapter for the PlayStation 2, you can enjoy the benefits of wireless play without the cost of new controllers. In fact, you can turn any game controller into a wireless device simply by plugging it into the WOW – gamepads, joysticks, or racing wheels-- so the WOW Adapter is an excellent solution for the gamer that already has a full compliment of PS2 controllers on hand. Just plug the receiver into your PS2’s controller ports, plug the controllers into the wireless adapter, and enjoy gaming from up to 30 feet away.

Two self-charging power packs requiring four AA NiMH batteries each (one set is provided) plug into the receiver for charging and into the adapter to power the unit. A pass-through port on the receiver allows use of a DVD remote or other device without unplugging the receiver. And, thanks to its unblockable high-speed RF technology, the transmitter works great with no perceivable lag in response time.

Each order is for TWO (2) separate adapators. You only need one per PlayStation system, so you get one for you and one for a friend. An order of qty two gets you four, an order of qty three gets you six separate adaptors - one for you and one stocking stuffer each for your five best friends.

Features: Works up to 30 feet from the receiver

868MHz RF technology

Upgrades two controllers to wireless using a remote and rechargeable wireless adapter

Rechargeable lock ‘n’ load canister power pack eliminates the need for replacement batteries

Recharge through the console without a main adaptor

Unique controller pass-through receiver/charger unit

Compatible with PSOne, PSX and 1st Generation PS2 systems

Will not work with the new slimline PS2 system

Condition: New, retail


I ordered 2. I guess I’ll have a spare to sell someone that misses out.[/color]


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