Sajen Drusy Jewelry

anyone know if these have the “Sajen” stamp on them? is the silver stamped 925??
thank you…

Is the chain included?

All of the items are stamped Sajen, 925 and IN for Indonesia. All come with the chains.
Here is some additional info- :slight_smile:

Sajen Jewelry is the designer brand of Marianna and Richard Jacobs. Their contemporary jewelry designs have a strong Balinese artisan influence, and are characterized by ornate flourishes and the innovative use of exotic gems and semi-precious gemstones. The word “sajen” means “offerings” in Balinese.

Sajen Jewelry pieces are heavy and the stones expertly cut. The gems are often unique or seldom found in more mainstream jewelry settings.

Sajen Jewelry first became known for their unique goddess jewelry, with hand-carved bone faces, but now have expanded to create a complete line of designer jewelry featuring exotic gemstones in sterling silver and 22K gold over silver.

Each jewelry design is done in limited quantities and many pieces are produced for only a year, so Sajen Jewelry often becomes collector items. The silver work on Sajen jewelry pieces is quite exquisite and most of the jewelry has multiple gemstones.