SakéOne Mixed (4)

SakéOne Mixed 4-Pack
$59.99 $105.00 43% off List Price
G Fifty, Junmai Ginjo Genshu, 750ml 2-Pack
G Joy, Junmai Ginjo Genshu, 750ml 2-Pack

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In for one because…REASONS!

I might cave. It’s four of the “G” and none of the lemon grass. Hmm…

Interesting, these were just on Rue La la. :slight_smile:

Chipgreen, are you up for a split?

I’m a Saké neophyte but sure, I’ll give it a try. First split is on you. :wink:

PMing you my address…

I was at a liquor store a few days ago, lamenting the sake selection when I remembered G sake. I got a bottle on Woot a few years back, and it truly was an astounding beverage. After getting home I even looked G up and learned of "Fifty.’ This Woot is more thanserendipitous, it’s clearly a sign from the gods!

Man, I’ve been waiting years for another good Sake deal from Woot (bought the last SakeOne sampler I saw on the site).

Now it can’t be shipped to Vermont. Humbug.

The Joy in particular was outstanding.

I think G Sake was one of my first purchases from Wine Woot. It is good sake.

Is wine.woot no longer shipping to MO altogether?

If I yell “Ok Google” at it will it pour itself?

G Sake is easily found where I live and I’ve never seen it priced at it’s retail price of $25+ and easily found at the woot price of $15 or less. I don’t remember which - the joy or the fifty - but I know I saw it last weekend at a Cost Plus World Market.

Same here–I went back and checked. It was my 2nd wine woot in Feb. of 2007. Interesting that it was the same price/bottle.

I remember it fondly, but in the end, never really have a burning desire for sake.

Wine.Woot is currently not able to offer wine deals in certain states, but will be opening up additional states as laws and regulations regarding selling wine online continue to evolve.

You’re welcome to also check out this thread to discuss and talk about current Wine Shipping Laws

Yes, yes, yes to Sake One. We first tried their Sake when visiting the winery (Sakery) while our daughter was in college in OR. Absolutely wonderful. This is NOT your “heat until it tastes like kerosene” Sake. Definitely in for one.

This is showing up on a lot of deal sites. Bought the 3 bottle deal from Groupon this past weekend.

SakéOne G Fifty Junmai Ginjo Genshu

SakéOne G Joy Junmai Ginjo Genshu

CT Links above

It is currently $9.99 per bottle at Cost Plus World Market. I bought one last night for my kris kringle. Glad to know it’s good!

So googles making wines now?

What’s the deal with MD not being on the list anymore? Just bought the last two port deals this past week, and now suddenly no Maryland on the ship list? I don’t see any updates about MD being removed either in the forums or on ShipCompliant. What gives?