SakéOne Momokawa Mixed (6)

SakéOne Momokawa Mixed 6-Pack
$59.99 $106.00 43% off List Price
Momokawa Silver
Momokawa Organic Junmai Gingo
Momokawa Diamond
Momokawa Ruby
Momokawa Pearl
Momokawa Organic Nigori

An old friend has returned, from Oct 2011. Welcome back SakéOne.

Quite enjoyed these from way back.
A cut well above imported and domestic swill at at the same price, and a nice assortment to introduce those unfamiliar th just how different saké can be. And these are full 750’s, not the 720’s so often seen. These blow away most of the domestic Sho Chiku Bai found well distributed.

Thanks for the review! Was hoping someone would share their experience. So your opinion is that this would be a good buy for someone who’s interested in exploring sake a bit?

The G joy sake is definitely one of the best sake that I’ve had and the assortment here is pretty good too. In for 1.

If the only sake that you’ve had is the warm stuff that they offer at run of the mill sushi restaurants or in sake bombs, this may be a good chance to see what sake can really be like.

I missed out back in 2011. Even asked for it back then on Woot’s FB page. Took you guys long enough! Got one this time.

While some saké is designed to be consumed warm/hot, generally the hot swill served can only be consumed hot or you’d gag.

Get yourself a ‘masu’, wooden box, and enjoy these chilled like you would most any other white wine.
I think little of spending $50 up for a 720, and these stand up well to those Japanese imports.
This is a good assortment; from dry to off-dry and even a nigori that is unfiltered. Drink that from a glass, not the masu.

this one’s for you.
Thanks for the cubic displacement you provide.

Here’s that masu I was speaking of.

just do it.
Think of it as the Riedel for saké.

Oh, yes. Had to go to the president of SakeOne himself to secure this bad boy.

Have always loved SakeOne. Welcome back!

Was certainly eyeing this one. Don’t drink the stuff often, but at this price, for the quality it’s supposed to be…

Is sakeguy back? That guy was amazing. He could sell ice to eskimos, or in this case, sake to people who don’t like sake, twice!

This is tasty sake. About as tasty as you’ll get without spending $$$ or going to Japan. I consider it my safe choice when I’m indecisive. The price is about 5-10% less than sale prices at H Mart. If you don’t have it in your area it’s a great deal with the shipping.

My favorite of the bunch is the Silver. It is not overly smooth, and has a great sweet flavor while sipping, with a classic toasted rice aftertaste. It’s the kind of Sake you want to keep on drinking.

The organic is my second favorite. You can clearly taste the grains. It’s a little bit sweeter than the Silver. The finish is much smoother and is a little closer to a barley taste rather than rice. Similar profile.

The Nigori is so so. To be honest I’ve never had a good unfiltered Sake outside of Japan. It needs to be fresh to be truly good IMO. Can’t do it out of a bottle. The better bet is Pearl of the two unfiltered varieties. The flavor is like Mokkoli that’s been heavily watered down with straight up Sake.

I’ve never had the Diamond or the Ruby, so I can’t comment on those.

Dumb questions from a red wine drinker who enjoys a decent sake (not the warm stuff, haha) but knows little about it.

There are some negative comments on CT that sound as if someone’s sake was well past its prime. Since these bottles have no vintage, is it safe to assume that they are “fresh” and haven’t been sitting in a warehouse for a decade? I’m assuming that sake does not generally improve with age though perhaps I’m mistaken.

What is the typical shelf life of these sakes, both before and after opening? I’m assuming they should be refrigerated after opening, is that right or wrong?

Trying to figure out if this deal makes sense for me. I can open a bottle of wine and, even if I’m the only one drinking it, easily finish it over two or three consecutive evenings. But sake probably isn’t something I’d drink on consecutive evenings and perhaps not in the same quantity as wine, so a bottle would need to keep for a few weeks I think, for this to make sense.

Anyway, sorry for my ignorance, I’ll appreciate any edification I receive.

I frigging love this stuff and am always pissy when it doesn’t ship here, though it’s readily available here.

Why, oh why, is this the item that won’t ship to Maryland or Pennsylvania? What have I done to deserve such punishment?

What is the benefit/impact of a masu? I tend to use glass, a nice Reidel O sake glass. I have never tried a masu.

Really love this selection. The G joy is my favorite of theirs, but the Silver and Diamond in this offer are also excellent.

Back in 2008 we visited their production facility. Very nice place, and had a great tasting.

I recall from a prior offer they recommend within six months of production. I have never drank all the bottles within that time frame, and notice little loss in quality. Though the one that was two years old was clearly not as good.

I have kept an open bottle for over a week in the refrigerator and felt it was still good.

I was so excited to see this, then so sad to realize SC isn’t on the shipping list:-(