Sake One Sampler of Six with Gift Box- Gift Week



Sake One Sampler of Six with Gift Box- Gift Week
$39.99 + $5 shipping
1 Tokubetsu Honjozo
1 Tanrei Junmai
1 Nigori Genshu
1 Momokawa Diamond
1 Momokawa Pearl
1 Moonstone Asian Pear

CellarTracker links above (I think I got 'em all right)


Very interesting… i might want this for myself :S


Man, I was looking for something exactly like this!

for me!! LOL!


yea very interesting… attempting too


I was going to drive over the this last week or next but here they are.

Sake One Sampler of Six with Gift Box- Gift Week
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300 ml = about 14 ounces.

In case anyone wanted to know. lol


Great price. The Murai Sampler on the Sake One website is $33the other one is $20


It’s around here! I should go visit. And get this too.


Does anyone know how it compares to the Sake One Saké Sampler Trio?

ProTip, New sake brewery in Minneapolis is quite extraordinary, both food and sake are very well done. Called Moto-i, uptown, lake and lynndale i believe. Not sold in bottles yet, but fresh on tap Sake is a rare treat.


I have no idea how I’m first sucker. I didn’t purchase until 1:05

Current numbers (updated each minute):

First sucker: Loweeel
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I’m not complaining. MaskedMarvel and mill, watch out in your rearviewmirror. Gift week is my bitch! I’m moving up JWhite’s list!


Oh man bowtie is gonna be all over this.
Does this mean we get the pleasure of Sakeguy’s presence? Yay!


yay $8 savings…I do still want to get it.


Its a conspiracy cause I hit the big gold button as soon as the page refreshed! grrrr!


Huh, thanks for the tip, did not know that we had that here in MN. :slight_smile:


Don’t know if it’s such a good deal. The smaller size is definitely a concern. I just bought a bottle of the Momokawa Diamond (750 ml) for $7.00 at Whole Foods.


Loweeel paid WD to stack the cards. I’m perfectly ok with that – anyone to bring down Mill!


Dont forget the price you save on shipping.


Did you factor the $18.07 shipping on top with both of those? I had a total of $71.07 to ship both to me.


PSith PowerS

“This is not the First PSucker you Pseek…”