SakéOne Momokawa Mixed - 6 Pack

SakéOne Momokawa Mixed - 6 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
1 Momokawa Silver
1 Momokawa Diamond
1 Momokawa Ruby
1 Momokawa Pearl
1 Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo
1 Momokawa Organic Nigori
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Happy Sakeday!

I have drank many and more of all of these. Superb. Buy and be happy you live in a ship to state. Oh, and Dewey…SHIP TO NEBRASKA…please :slight_smile:

I’d buy some but…

Having the sake shipped from Forest Grove, to California to Beaverton is a very long trip. I’d just rather visit the place myself, I mean the trip is only 25 minutes.

When will Woot! offer a no shipping option?

That said the water does really taste good here, Bull Run is very good to the residents.

You were labratted a day too early!

its the whole shipping thing. I’m just gonna go get some tomorrow and rat anyway

Been waiting for Sake for a very very long time. Jumped on it the instant I saw it! SakeOne Momokawa is all fabulous.

Anyone know the size of these in ml or oz?

750ml like wine

This company makes nice Sake, I like there G the best, Here is a link to educate those who want to learn about Sake

tastes great and it is an awesome product for the price/quality.

What’s up with all these holidays? Pinot noir has a day, August 18th to be exact, and wine.woot didn’t do anything about it! Maybe we can fix the flux capacitor, hit 88mph, and revisit that forgotten day. Or maybe I just need a pair of Nike’s that cost a few thousands to get the job done

Don’t these usually sell for $12-$13? Doesn’t seem to be a very good deal for an average sake.

Ah, so many questions…
SMV; what is a Saki Meter Value?
Been drinking sake for over 30 years and first I’ve ever heard of it.
Are these 750’s? I’ve seen 500, 720, 750 1000 and 1500 (yeah, that would rock!) but don’t see the volume listed. What traditional Japanese sake might this compare to? Hopefully none of the generally terrible CA offerings…

WRT price, $60 for a 1.5L of quality Japanese sake doesn’t even phase me; store price, not restaurant.

Oh, and I drink all but nigori cold in a masu.

Q16: What is the nihonshu-do, or Sake Meter Value? This is a measure of the density of the sake relative to water. It is a very general reference to the sweetness or dryness of a sake. Note, however, that acid content and water hardness and temperature and other factors also contribute a great deal to the concept of sweet and dry.

Ok, so I’m a beer geek, and I love wine, but I am a saké novice. What do I taste for? What are the optimum serving temperatures, and does this vary from one to the next in a reliable way by category or other determinant?

Fortunately, I’ve been meaning to get into this fine rice beer, and hence this is my second woot in a week.

The offer really should state the volume of each bottle. Sake can be pretty darned expensive, frankly; six 750ml bottles of decent sake at this price is pretty phenomenal. It is decent, right?

am i the only one who noticed this

doesn’t seem like that much of a discount - $66 here:

This is what I’m saying.


I’m a labrat!!! Caveat being I’m not really good at distinguishing flavors and breaking it down. So I hope I don’t disappoint.

Anywa, I received 2 bottles, Pearl (Nigori) and Organic Nigori. I received the package and put in the refrigerator to chill. And according to the direction, I shook the bottle and poured both out to try without food.

The Pearl is creamier, whiter and murkier looking. The Organic Nigori seemed to be a little clearer. Both smelled the same to me.

Regarding taste, Pearl was a little grainier in the mouthfeel. It is tasty and has a bit of a bite to it. Kinda expected for 18% for me. Couldn’t really figure out the underlying taste but it is yummy. My mother in law and father in law both liked this better than the Organic Nigori.

The Organic Nigori is smoother to me although my mother in law thought the Pearl was smoother. It doesn’t have that grainy taste to me. Both my husband and I liked this one better.

Both were a little sweet and my in laws thought Pearl was sweeter than the Organic Nigori.

We made some chicken teriyaki and I tried it with food. It went really well with the food. It was refreshing and complemented the salty chicken dish. When I put some sriracha sauce on the chicken and drank some sake, it went well with the spiciness of the sauce.

Well, hope this helps. Sorry for not being able to really break down the components of the sake. I really like both bottles though.