SakeOne Sake' Quartet


SakéOne Saké Quartet
$34.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Saké
product(s): 1 Momokawa Silver by SakéOne
1 Momokawa Ruby by SakéOne
1 Moonstone Asian Pear by SakéOne
1 Moonstone Coconut Lemongrass by SakéOne
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…adding a link to the First SakéOne Offering on wine.woot.

Really? Decimal? Harry Truman? huh…

Check the logo this week:


I heard rumors people weren’t fans of this offering before? any ideas/


I loved it…


I might go for it. I just need a little covincing.


hey L - glad to see you back!

whoa - who would’ve guessed sake again!

i didn’t get the sake via the last woot because it doesn’t ship to my state, but i did purchase it locally. i thought it was great. one thing i really loved about it is it kept (when open) for close to a month, and opened up nicely during that time.


i love momokawa, its my favorite brand of sake. This may be impossible to pass up


The SakéOne website for your perusal.

Momokawa is traditional. Moonstone is flavored.

The coconut lemongrass is new. Wish we could have gotten some Pearl, though. Unfiltered saké is the bomb!

(BTW, I’m the one who created the saké icon on CellarTracker…just in case anyone was interested)


Let’s see… I love sake, and I’m deathly curious. That would make this my very first wine.woot. I can’t wait.


In the immortal words of Judy Karne (when dressed as a Geisha), “It may be rice wine to you, but it’s sake to me” (then she was doused with a bucket of water).


People that like Sake reviewed it favorably.
People that were new to Sake, not so much.


The description doesn’t say it, but I am guessing that all of these should be served COLD. Can anyone verify that for me?


Got the G trio. Had never had Sake before, figured I should start with “good” stuff. Hated it - tastes vaguely of battery acid to me (worse in after taste than up front). Was thankfully able to unload 2 of the unopened bottles on equally clueless co-workers, and gave the last bottle to wife to cook with. Just a warning to anyone else considering the same path =)


haha. Look at the wine.woot logo. It’s Japanese style!


more Saké? do I need to bust out my voltmeter again?

(or based on the description, do I need to get a “SAKÉ METER” ??)

I was just about to complain that the top of the page still said “wine.woot” – much better.


yeah - good sake is served like white wine. bad sake is nuked in the microwave to hide the gasoline flavors.


I passed on G the first time, but was so mightily tempted as Gary (I think that was his name), the marketing guy was right up there on the forum. He worked us HARD that week. I almost caved, but I just didn’t see getting 3 bottles of something I hadn’t really tried before. The flavored things do have me curious. I want to pass but I may allowed myself to be talked in by the end of the week.


I agree. Although i did not buy the woot sake as I live in portland i went out totheir sakery out side pdx and tried some. After drinking great pinot all day the sake just tasted like rubbing alcohol to me. If yo are into Sake i am sure this is great stuff but just not for me!
Jeff in pdx


Yeah, definitely cold.


Sakeguy! hopefully he will be back…