SakeOne Sake Sampler Trio

SakeOne Saké Sampler Trio
$34.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 Organic Ginjo Junmai Saké
1 Organic Nigori Saké
1 G Joy Saké

Links above to CellarTracker.

Okay, can someone explain the Saké Meter Value???


Wisconsin was on that list before… i just ordered some wine last month. Did a law just pass? Did I miss something?

Mill gets in there. I have been waiting for Sake to pop up. Now I will just have to wait and see how many I will be in for.

And that G bottle just looks cool.

Never bought Sake before, but always wanted to. $60 for close to 6 bottles?! Done. In for two.

Got the G Sake when it was offered previously. Tremendous sake. Light, crisp flavor that is really excellent well chilled. I can only expect the other two to at least come close to it.

In for 2!

This is great Sake and a good price. Was surprised to see wine, err Sake, from my home town! I can tell you the “G” is usualyl $20 and the other two are either $10 or $15 each, I can’t remember.

The G is the most unique thing you’ll ever taste. I like Nigori Sake, it seems to have more flavor IMO.

Anyway, enjoy! I wont be buying cause they are just down the road from me!

P.S. this i the only American owned sake producer in the US and 1 of only 5 Sake makers in the US in total.

Looks like Mill was able to actually order before midnight.

-18.-483s before midnight to be exact.

Dear Sake Maker (or anyone else privy to such knowledge):

How long can this be stored for? Would it last as a Christmas present?

Are these filtered or non-filtered sakes? I assume these are supposed to be served cold?

No sake to Michigan?
Darn, would have been my first wine.woot purchase.

We’ve had some time-travelers before. Last week, I think …

Edit: Yep. Both offerings last week were time travelers as well.

Benziger Family Winery Red Trio
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Last purchaser: wootvirgin69
Last purchase time: Thursday, September 11, 2008, 12:00:14 AM Central Time

Benziger Macleod Vineyard Sauvignon - Three Pack
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And how did wootvirgin69 be last buyer on the reds and first sucker on the whites? Time Travel!!! :wink:

Even though I know I’m paying for the organic, I got it anyway. The G sake was just way too good to pass up. I just wish I could re-woot that offering of about a year and a half ago, maybe on a wootoff, that was just the G. Oh god do I love that sake.

The silver and pearl are also 2 fantastic but very different (from each other) sakes.

not only did i JUST walk though the grocery store looking for some sake to no avail
today is my birthday! thank you woot!

I thought Louisiana was able to receive shipments… also not listed on What gives?

If I’m not mistake, Nigori is unfiltered while all other styles are filtered.

I am no expert, but from what I remember when I toured SakeOne’s facility…I think they said Sake can store well for about a year.

oh, it’s SaaaaaKeeeeee…

urrent numbers (updated each minute):

First sucker: mill
Speed to first woot: 0m -18.-483s

Last wooter to woot: thrawn1020

I know I said it before, but IN FOR TWO! Excited about these!