Sakura Sauce

bleeding spring with an intensity of blossom

Or Spring, when a young man’s fancy turns to PAINTBALL (for the more active/less poetical)

what’s with the Japanese-themed spring derby?

Makes me think of Ocean Spray cranberry juice

Now I can go to my favorite Chinese restaurant and not have to worry about getting red stains on my shirt anymore! YAY!

Nature can be pretty messed up sometimes.

Wow. This reaaaaaally looks bad on this template.

It’s tiny, it’s positioned weird, and… just wow.

And I was just thinking that I needed a shirt that looked like it was oozing strawberry jam.

Spring is seriously sprung.

Mmm, nothing like a tree branch dipped in sakura sauce.

Wheres the Samurai sitting under this tree?

I’m tempted, but I wish it looked more like a tree rather than just a branch. The more I look at it the more it bothers me. :frowning:

That’s some 1337 sauc3…

Oh my goodness, it looks like someone with TERRIBLE allergies sneezed all over this nice Sakura tree. Shame on those bad manners and everyone learn the lesson: one must always cover one’s mouth when they sneeze!!

No snail picnic… :frowning:

The anime fans came and voted in force.

if that was anything but pink I would get one :[

baring the image of a Japanese cherry blossom tree. Does it come with a cover?

This could easily be an album cover for a punk rock band.

Congrats Kdeuce!

Tho, I was really hoping for Fable. :sads: Ah well, another day perhaps. :slight_smile: