Salad Bowl with Cooler Pack

I’ve looked all over the webs, can’t find what size this bowl is, please. Do you know, Woot? I’d hate to order it with the intention of being able to put a salad for 8-10 people in it, and finding it only holds a few servings. The sizes of the fruit next to the bowl lead me to believe it’s not very big.

Otherwise, it could be a great product and sell well. Just need size details!

Hi! That’s a good question. I just went on a journey to find the missing dimensions of the mysterious salad bowl and it looks like it is 9"x9"x3", the volume is 154 cubic meters, and it holds a little more than 10 cups of water.

In context, it looks like it holds salad for about 4 people, if its Macaroni Salad, maybe 6.

Hope this helps!