Salad Days

I bought the extra strong mustard when it was offered on last woot. Yes, it’s very strong, and very nice. I quite enjoy it. However, honestly, I can’t think that it’s worth the money here. For one thing, the bottle leaked out all over the package in the mail. The lid is extremely difficult to pry off. And you can get “bitey” mustard at the grocery store for 1/4 the price.

Btw, I also got some of the Acacia items from woot, and they are GORGEOUS. Definitely recommended.

On the item page of the Rachael Ray ‘Lil Huggers’ 2 pack of tongs there is a small discrepancy in it’s description. Under the ‘features’ tab it says you will get a 9" & a 12" set of tongs, but under the ‘specs’ tab it says that the set consists of a 9" & 11" pair of tongs.
So, for the larger of the 2 tongs, which size is it that a person will actually be getting? The 11" or 12" tong?
Even though it’s only a difference of an inch, some people may want to which size it really is that’s coming to them.

I was going to go out and get this very mustard at the store for $26.74 from the local euro mart. Glad I waited for the plus deals before checking out. It really is very good mustard.

Edit: here is a picture of what the mustard looks like:

A Garbage Bowl is still just a bowl. You’re not fooling anyone Rachael Ray.

Never understood that garbage bowl concept or actually selling something as a garbage bowl. If it’s garbage why not use one of the plastic bags you received while shopping as your garbage vessel? And for the record I try to use permanent bags for shopping but sometimes they are not available so the next best thing is to recycle the plastic ones you do use. Better yet take the stuff (vegetable matter only of course) from your kitchen and put it in your compost pile if you have one.

BTW, not a fan of Rachael Ray…garbage bowl…seriously?

I have 2 of those “garbage” bowls. I certainly don’t use them for garbage! I liked the colors and pattern and I bake a lot so I picked up a couple. They are very sturdy but oddly shaped. They are wonderful for rising bread dough but not so hot for mixing batter because of the shape. I’ve had mine for a couple years and no signs of wear and tear yet.

12" is correct size
Thanks for asking

Wow! This mustard is about $10 at any Home Goods or in a store like Fairway. Buyer Beware!