Salad Maker Set

Bought this recently. As a salad spinner works fine, though it does sort of vehemently pivot around the surface it’s on in little circles—which I think is standard for a salad spinner. The rotation piece not being center contributes to the funky sense of balance when using it.

Honestly though, as a guy I don’t care at all. Happy to have unsolved greens.

The mandolin piece attaches to the top when you remove the spinner lid. I’ve used the slicer with a carrot and had an okay experience. Wasn’t getting smooth slices of carrot out and required a lot of force, though carrots are a challenging vegetable being so dense.

Overall if this were Amazon is give it 4 stars considering the price. 3.5 otherwise for the spinner and 3 for the mandolin function. Frankly happy to have one in a space saving design living in NYC

Unsoaked* greens