Salad Photos

I am shortman and I like salads.

I am pooflady and I love chocolate!

Those are too perfect and way too shiny. Looks waxy.


I am hot72chev and I like Used Automobile Parts.

2005 Used Automobile Parts Dessert Wine
Rich dark chocolate profile is underscored by orange peel, allspice, cocoa, tobacco and cherry pit

I am FrostByte and I like beer.

I am daveinwarshington.
I like salads.
Meat salads!

And beer…

I picked a bad day to start a salad photo thread. Too many holiday time meals I’m being invited too so no salads. Yay for friends! Boo for lack of salads.

Didn’t mean to diss your salads, shortman. I eat a chef salad two days a week for lunch and I have lost 68 pounds in 2 years. YAY salad!

Congrats on your weight loss. I’ve lost about 20 pounds in the last few months through a combo that includes many salads. And I didn’t take anything here as a diss on my salads.

I bet there’s some tasty things inside those pieces! I’m fond of chocolate truffles.

I finally had a day away from food invites and was able to prepare a salad for myself.

Organic Girl Super Greens
Broccoli Carrot Slaw
Sugar Snap Peas
Ground Flax
Pinto Beans
Dried Cherries
Honey Almond Granola
Almond slices
Pineapple Chunks

As pictured: 530 kcal, 23g protein, 81g carbs, 15g fat.

And not pictured, Grilled Chicken for a carb free protein boost. (140 kcal, 26g protein, 3g fat)

I’ll probably have Fage Total 0% Yogurt with added frozen blueberries later, and a Clementine or two.

Loads of Water to drink.

Crap. I forgot to take a photo of my fruity salad at Hometown Buffet last night.

Here’s the dessert from last night.

And here’s my salad for tonight.

I love this green and yellow combination salad. Its veges, so it will cut down the unwanted weight.

Well, the yellow is corn, so it’s a sweet veggie. But I did keep the quantity very low.

And I’m in love the snap peas, broccoli slaw, and dark greens like spinach. Nom Nom. I’m a rabbit!

Cookie salad

Candy Salad

Bacon Salad

Beer Salad

Oh Dave… You were supposed to be participating in the smallhands game, not over here making salad!