Sales Stats not working or Missing?

Hello creative friends!

We’ve been hearing increased reports of challenges with accessing your sales stats pages. If you have that issue, please link the designs here and we’ll take a look to see if we can get the monkeys to spin it back up. Please allow 4-5 days to see if we can find the solution.


Thanks for the help…here’s mine:

Hey @SubBass49 I have spot checked a few (granted not all yet) and the sales stats pages are working for me. Can you help me understand the error you are experiencing so I can diagnose it better?

Did you receive the links in emails?
Click on the links and got 404?
Wondering if they are accurately showing sales?

Yes…these are the design links for the ones where the sales-stat links from the emails didn’t work. I’ll try to get some screenshots of them later on so you can see what they look like from my end.

The rest of my designs/products actually show sales stats. These were the only broken ones.

Might be about an hour or two so before I get a chance to get the screenshots.

Ok…had a chance to do a few screenshots. There appears to be two main error messages I’m getting, depending on which sales-stats link I click…

New Project - 2021-02-25T130401.866

New Project - 2021-02-25T130346.032

One of these is from non-apparel merch, and the other is from my Cubs/C3PO mashup shirt…both from the sales-stats link in their respective emails

So weird, but ok thank you. Helpful to know.

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I’m having the same issue with my Dagobah Yoga Studio shirt from “Fitness” derby.

It had worked in the past, but now it shows no stats.

Here’s the t-shirt design page (which is also missing from the catalog).



Thank you.

I updated the post to remove the sales stats link. Please only include the design link and we can get everything from there.

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Hey :slight_smile:

I’ve got two sale stats links of buyable shirts that are not working:

I’ve got a couple more products that already sold out and have missing sale stats links, but I’m not really worried about them. I’d post them here, but I can’t because there’s a limit of two links for new users, haha.

Thanks anyway!


I have this link to the sales broken and I cannot access them.

Thanks in advance :blush:

Looks like the conversation moved to this pinned thread, so posting my full list of problem stats links here:

  1. Nature's Venue for Family Fights - (not sure where that trailing ‘z’ in the URL came from?)
  2. RagnaRock Cafe
  3. Gravity Checks
  4. Patience Running Low
  5. I Read Past My Bedtime
  6. Ferrous Metal Man

I am getting the “we can’t find that” 404 error for each of these design’s sales stats page links. Just these 6 out of 45 sales stats pages (only shirts, I don’t follow my non-apparel sales as closely).

I can say that these all worked for sure just two weeks ago, and have stopped working at some point since that time. Most all of my non-streaming web traffic flows through a VPN, but I have tried loading these links with/without the VPN active, and that made no difference (Amazon CDNs have started to be finicky about that fact recently). I don’t see any other patterns/rhymes/reasons why these would have stopped working, while others continue to work as they always have.

Thank you for the help!

Update: On a whim, I tried modifying the Nature's Venue for Family Fights status link to include that newly added superflous “z” to the original stats link URL, and that worked! I took a look at the others, to see of those URLs have been similarly modified over time, but didn’t see a similar pattern, so those stats pages are still unreachable… at least for me.

Just to add to the fun, it looks like two more stats pages are now returning 404s in just the last 24 hours:

  1. Weekly WFH Schedule
  2. Iron Curtain

Alrighty everyone, we are looking into all of these individually…it will take some time!

But someone discovered a potential quick fix:

If you get a broken sales stats page that has both the name of the design and the unique ID in the URL, remove the name and it should work at that point.

This will work if the actual sales stats are not broken, just the link. Some of you are experiencing an actual broken sales stats page and currently we don’t have a fix for that.

If you get a broken sales stats page that has both the name of the design and the unique ID in the URL, remove the name and it should work at that point.

I can confirm that this trick has worked in all but one case for me. Even this one case, I can’t be certain that the link is correct, as I can’t find the original email to confirm it. Maybe if woot staff could send me the correct sales stats link for the shirt below, even this last holdout might be working for me…

RagnaRock Cafe

Thank you for the help!

Having another broken sales stats link for the current bargain shirts sale on this item:

Any chance of getting a new/corrected link?

Many thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face: