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Hi… my sales stats pages aren’t working for a few of my shirts:

I have all the “sale launched” emails with the “link to stats” but the link just goes to an error page.



All the sales stats are currently broken. The devs are working on it.


I have a bunch bookmarked and they appear to still work - including today’s “Touch My Elf” holiday shirt - or at least go to a page that lists stats.

Those links I provided just go to an error page.

I did see, however, that there’s no stats tab on any of the holiday shirts and no first wooter / last wooter - which I imagine has to do with whatever the devs are up to.



Yeah. Let’s wait until the sales stats tab shows up and then we’ll fix any remaining issues.


In all but my last two sales stats pages, my sales total always matches the noted total of itemized sales. In my most recent two editors choice sales, they do not (see below). I also got my remittance notification today, and the paid amount appears to be based on the noted totals, rather than the itemized totals. Unless there is a reason that some of the itemized sales don’t count toward the payable total, it looks like I was shorted 39 shirt sales for these two designs. Please let me know if that is truly the case, or if there is a reason for the difference in totals that just isn’t clear to me (why some itemized sales don’t count toward the noted total). Thanks!

Just a note for anyone looking into these numbers… In both cases below, the totals WOULD match if you left out sales of the fitted sizes and children’s sizes, and only added up the classic adult size shirt sizes. Coincidence?


Hi Taipan!
I’m looking into this…


When I add up my total sales with the breakdown I’m getting this same issue. The breakdown adds up to much more than what the total sales shows. I never thought to cross check before. My Marvelous Mom design is off by almost 130 sales. Could this have impacted my total payments too? I’ve always added up my sales using the total sales figure to estimate my payments so I don’t know if they were correct or not.


Just curious if the itemized sales of the fitted and children’s sizes for your marvelous mom shirt happen to total the difference you see? (almost 130?). That seems to be the pattern I’m seeing that might explain the difference in totals… (not counting sales of fitted or children’s sizes)

BTW, one of those large women’s fitted purchases was from me! My wife loves it! :wink:


Yay! I’m so glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

And, yes, after I posted this I went through and added up my sales and you’re totally right. Ever since the new fitted and children’s shirts were added to that sales stats screen the sales for those shirts hasn’t been adding into the total. I think when we switched to the new blanks we got the new stats page too. I have only had a break down from accounting on my sales a few times (I try not to bother accounting too much) but it looks like the numbers reflect the total sales number and not the number that includes the fitted/children’s shirts. Hard to tell for sure though.


I actually forgot there were woot forums, lol, but I’ll add my “It happened to me too” to the conversation here as well.

“Feather and Flame” has listed “total” sales of 79, but when the itemized breakdown is added up it is actually 103.

I’m all about being paid money I’m owed so I’d love to find out I had a bunch of money coming to me, but I do wonder if it’s possible the fitted shirts are being counted in the itemized breakdown as both fitted and classic. One would think that would affect the totals, but the total sales number may be derived differently, and could potentially avoid the error.

I’d rather find out I’m owed a whole bunch of money though, so it’s probably, definitely that.


I am also experiencing odd sales breakdowns that don’t add up. Looking forward to the outcome of this…


Adding myself into the mix.


We’re still looking into the cause of this issue. If there’s an error in payment we’ll make sure to compensate for anything missing!


Here’s what appears to be happening: The sales stat page that you see is showing incorrect data, probably due to some recent internal changes.
The page is incorrectly adding the sales of the “fitted” brand tees to the itemized list of the “classic” brand tees. While doing this, it’s also still correctly showing the sales for each size in the “fitted” list.

To illustrate what I mean: If you subtract the “fitted” numbers for each size from the “classic” numbers for each size, you’ll get the accurate breakdown of “classic” tee sales and it will match with the total. shown at the top, which is accurate.

The sales stat page isn’t connected with the data we use to pay artists nor does it affect the Top 20 standings. It’s just a thing that tries (poorly) to pull from where the real data is and give you an impression of how things are selling.

We realize that it’s not ideal to be in a position where artists have to trust our word when the sales stat sheet breaks and shows incorrect information. We know it’s really crappy and are pushing hard to get a comprehensive artist dashboard. Maybe stuff like this will help build our case. In the meantime, I’ll see if it’s possible for me to provide a visual of the data I used to confirm that the issue is limited to the sales stat page, if that helps assuage any doubt on the matter.


I don’t wanna brag, but called it. I’m awesome. Oh, I guess I do want to brag.


“I don’t wanna brag” == bragging

I didn’t see that you had already guessed the problem before I looked into it, otherwise I would have credited you and not bragged to everyone on my team about how smart I am for figuring it out ALL BY MYSELF.


Likely story. Stealing all my incredible ideas. If I weren’t so humble, I’d keep bragging about how great I am.


Thanks Ocho! and ste7en :stuck_out_tongue:


Following up on this: The sales stat pages have been fixed. BEYOND fixed, actually. Our dev team made it so the pages update faster and actually include sales from the “all designs” catalog. They didn’t include catalog sales before which would make the sales numbers appear lower than what they really were.
You may notice a longer load time the very first time you open a new sales stat link, but after that it’ll update faster than before each time!




Hi! I wrestled whether I should create a new thread (since this one is a bit on the old side), but I decided it might be better to keep this topic centralized – especially since this thread labeled the issue as resolved. I hope nobody minds the bump. :slight_smile:

It’s not a big deal, but I noticed that the “Sales Stats” tab on my “Rollin’ with R2D2” store page is missing. I figured it was just bad luck on my part that I hadn’t sold any, but then I got my launch e-mail – and the linked stats showed quite a few sales (in fact, possibly too many, in my opinion).

I just wanted to bring it to Woot’s attention. Just in case someone else’s t-shirt stats are linked to my t-shirt, and they’re getting similarly wrong projections on their sales. :wink: Thanks for your time!